Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Regrets: What's Up Wednesday

Regrets in the sense that I regret I didn't post last week and doubly regret that I can't post today!

I am swamped!

My boys are in camp now (this is day three) but I'm still crawling out from under a pile of work.

I've also gotten a super-secret assignment that has pushed its way to the top of my to-do list.

So... I thought it wise to wait one more week before participating in What's Up Wednesday and updating for Ready. Set. Write.

For all of you still cranking out that awesome work and slaying those goals-- YAAAAY!

I'm thinking of you and your hard work as I plug away at my own goals over here.

Happy Wednesday!

See you next week!


  1. A super secret assignment?! Color me intrigued! I hope you unbury yourself soon, Kat. Looking forward to next week's post. :-)

    1. Thanks Katy! I will spill the beans soon I hope. :0)

  2. Sorry, I'm distracted by this super secret assignment. So curious! I really hope that things start to slow down a bit for you so you can do some of the other stuff you'd like to get done. Hope you have a great week and we'll see you next Wednesday! :)

    1. Thanks Jaime-- I am eager to hop back into WUW!

  3. I understand things getting busy. Hopefully you will have more time soon! Oh, and the words "super secret" are just evil :) Now I want to know!!!


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