Monday, April 29, 2013

Things I'm Digging

The Paris Time Capsule Apartment

Have you seen this? It has been circulating on the interwebs for a while. An undisturbed Paris apartment left abandoned on the eve of WW2.

Unfortunately I can't copy/share the photos, so go check it out-- the images are stunning. What a rich source for ideas!

Monkey Head Press, the work of artist Marc Girouard

His prints are fab -- I especially like his woodcuts. Check out his Drunk Author series, including Drunk Author Playing Cards  (Poe, Kerouac, Vonnegut) for that hard-to-buy-for author on your list.

Vintage Ads for Libraries and Reading

These never get old. 


  1. That story about the apartment in Paris is just fascinating! Like the post's author, I can't help wondering what prevented her from returning? What kind of story is there? Such a neat thing and even a touch creepy.

    1. I agree Jaime-- you could have a lot of fun making up a story there. :0)

  2. I love that Paris apartment post too. Thanks so much for sharing it! 'm with you and Jaime... There are definitely plenty of details that could be spun into an incredible story. The entire site is chock-full of interesting/bizarre anecdotes. I just wasted tons of time exploring it. :-)

    1. Yay! for wasting time in the good way. I love that about the internet. :0)


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