Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Kindness Project: Kindness to the Earth

I'm posting here today as well as at The Kindness Project Blog.

As a professor of environmental policy I'm kind of into the earth-- it's my thing.

It may be a little depressing to hear about the Monsanto Protection Act, the worst winter in years for honeybees, or that farmers are feeding CANDY to cows because of the high cost of corn. That last one really makes me feel sick.

But, there is hope.

Here are things you CAN do to be a little kinder to the earth.

If you love seafood and sushi, but can't remember whether salmon should be eaten farmed or wild, visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch page. You can print out a handy pocket guide to buying seafood or if you're tech savvy get the app.

Visit the National Geographic site to calculate your water footprint. Or The Nature Conservancy site to calculate your carbon footprint.  Knowledge is power.

EWG's Skin Deep site will allow you to explore what is REALLY in the products you put on your body-- see how, for example, baby bubble baths on the market compare to each other.

The Good Guide allows you to compare items to see how they rate in terms of three criteria: health, environment,  and societal impact. You can browse items as varied as dog food, cell phones, or household cleaners.

Have you tried any of these sites?

What do you do to show kindness to the earth?

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