Sunday, February 3, 2013

Art Opening YAY

I had an art show opening this Saturday at the Gallery Arts Guild in Lakeville, CT. It was a show called Animals We Love and included some really cool work.

There were these amazing bronze animals that were massive and had a sort of steampunk quality to them (That artist's kids were there-- two little girls about my sons' ages-- and they were so awesome. You could tell they had been to a lot of art shows. They walked around with the price lists and talked to the artists. So cute! We had a great time talking about bugs! My boys on the other hand were not so well trained. Their dad took them on a field trip during the show to see some nearby horses.)

Then there were ceramics, paintings, sculpture, and drawings, all of cats, dogs, horses, owls, even a frog-- in general more popular kinds of animals. I was thrilled to have my bugs included!

I liked how they placed this whimsical ceramic frog among the bugs (his dinner).

One of my basic woodcuts was included, this framed praying mantis.

The rest of my pieces in the show were woodcuts with an inlaid collage of vintage postage stamps. These are popular and seemed to be a big hit-- the first sale of the show was my dragonfly. Yay! You can barely see the tiny pink dot that shows it has been sold in the photo below.

Here's what they look like up close:

The show will hang until mid March, or you can find my work on ETSY.

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