Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Jan Plan: First Report

Ug, the flu. No fun. 

My husband and I were both sick with colds, fever and chills off and on between Christmas and New Year's Eve. It led to a lot of TV and Wii time for the kids. They were thrilled, of course. The Wii was their Christmas gift, so we had to explain repeatedly that we would not normally be playing this much. 

But on the days where I felt crappy but not horrid I managed to start some of my Jan Plan drawings. I have a list of roughly thirteen insects I want to draw-- and I cranked out three of those. 

Here they are, each with a quote from my MS STUNG, about a girl who collects insects and solves mysteries. 

Each was drawn using a creative-commons license open photograph as source material in the IPad App "Art Studio", then I added effects (the aging/darkening effects) on an app called "Pixlromatic". 

The Honey Bee (photo source, PD photo, open to creative commons use). 

"If Momma was an insect she’d be a honeybee, working behind the scenes to pollinate the world’s crops, and raise a hive, and make all the honey."

The Stag Beetle (photo source, open to creative commons use).
 "He looks lost for a second, and then starts barking out instructions for babysitting. The terra cotta pot pulls on my arms like a boulder. If Mr. Anderson were an insect, he’d be a stag beetle. Big and showy, the male stag beetle likes to compare the size of its horn with other males."
The Velvet Ant (photo source Hunter Desportes open for creative commons use on Flickr).

"Before long the trickles of sweat roll down my back, making my tee shirt sticky. On my fourth pass I spot the cow killer. I get a little shiver just looking at it, it’s so gorgeous. It’s at least an inch long, blood red with two black stripes of velvety fur. It putters around on the sand and I squat to study it. It’s wingless. This tells me two things: one, it won’t fly off (because, duh) and two, it’s a female. The females are the ones that sting."

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