Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jan Plan Update...

How is your JAN PLAN going?

Mine is hanging in there... but a couple of bouts of family illness over the holidays have made it tough to keep up. 

If you will recall my JAN PLAN goals were:

1. "To work through my current MS, MINA TAKES THE SKY to make a few changes that I've been thinking about for months. I just want to take it up a notch, which will require at least two intense read-throughs with editing." 

Check! I have finished it (for now) and am pretty satisfied with the result. 

2. "I want to re-work my first book, STUNG, the MG about a girl who collects bugs and solves mysteries, to include a graphic element. I think knowing how the insects look adds something important to the story. To me, when I describe them, I see them in my head... but not everyone knows these species the way I do." 

Of the eleven images from STUNG that I wanted to complete I have currently made five...
I know. Not stellar. The dragonfly wings took FOREVER. 

But I am still working on them. Here are the five I completed, with a quote from my manuscript. 

 Velvet ant
Stag beetle
"If Mr. Anderson were an insect, he’d be a stag beetle. Big and showy, the male stag beetle likes to compare the size of its horn with other males..."
"If Momma were an insect she’d be a honeybee, working behind the scenes to pollinate the world’s crops, and raise a hive, and make all the honey."

"If Mila were an insect, she’d be a dragonfly. Strong, beautiful, sure of herself, and distinct. She is the things I’m not."

"If Miss Teensy were an insect she’d be a ladybug: bright, round, and sweet." 

I've made sketches for the remaining six and they should roll out pretty quickly. 

Overall, the Jan Plan was great for me. I feel like I accomplished what I needed to! 

Are you participating in the Jan Plan? How is it going for you?

There's one week left-- what will you accomplish?

All sketches made from photographs available for use (commercial and derivative) under a creative commons license. Here are the sources:
Velvet ant: by Hunter Desportes on Flickr
Stag beetle: by PublicDomainPhotos on Flickr 
Bee, Dragonfly, and  Ladybug: from


  1. Love the images! You are so talented. I don't have a Jan plan, but I do have a feb plan--write 50,000 words of my first draft

    1. Nice, Eliza-- sounds like a plan! Your Jan Plan probably had a lot to do with dressing that cute baby up in adorable outfits, am I right? FEB plan works for me! I think I'll take FEB off, but the idea of a MARCH plan (MAR plan doesn't have the same ring) seems appealing.

  2. You are so very talented, Kat! Your bugs are BEAUTIFUL!!! <3

  3. Love the pictures, Kat. :) That's such a neat addition to the story you wrote.


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