Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Having fun with a new blog design... what do you think?

I feel very fortunate to have talented and creative friends.

One of my friends, Katie (Katherine Marrotte katherine.marrotte (at) gmail (dot) com), is an amazing graphic artist who has been working with me on redesigning my blog. I'm a creative type-- I like to draw and do printmaking-- but I am not graphic-artist-creative. It is a wholly different skill set that I am COMPLETELY in awe of.

Her ideas and suggestions have been amazing... and I haven't even been able to implement half of them yet (due to time and my own ineptness, nothing else). A great deal of her advice was about streamlining things-- and I think she is helping me to make the blog more professional and clear, but also a stronger reflection of the work I do.

It remains a work-in-progress but I'm excited to open my page and see something beautiful!

What do you think?

Is your blog self-made or have you gotten professional help? Do you stick to the templates or spice them up by changing elements of them? What do you look for in a readable, enjoyable website or blog?

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