Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Intense debate is not letting me debate!

For those who posted at the end of the last post-- thank you for your comments!
I've been very sad to find that Intense Debate won't let me reply or leave my own comments.

I'm not sure what the deal is, but I tried it many different ways and it was not showing me any love.
So, forgive my post-- it's really just a response to those last few comments.

So, here we go!

Nina- I'm glad you liked the post! I so agree. Despite what I may wish ;0) I don't necessarily think the Dutch system would work here (all those European countries are redefining for themselves right now what their social welfare systems can handle. And as I understand it, all will have to undergo some changes). But I guess I wish we were asking the questions. Thanks so much for your comment!

Carolyn-- I hear you. Some of our Dutch friends have asked so many times why we haven't been back to visit. I hope they don't take it personally! The truth is we haven't been on vacation as a family. Ever. We thought we might be able to afford driving to NC this summer, but we couldn't. And working hours-- that's a whole other can of worms. I think we take a lot of pride in showing how LONG we work, but I'm not sure we're actually more productive. So, can we buy cheap Levi's and then sell them somewhere? Pack a suitcase full and earn our money back?
I'd totally give it a whirl.

Carrie- I agree! I heard from a friend recently about planning a wedding based on how many vacation days they had left in the year. That just seems sad to me. I am lucky in that as a teacher I have some flexibility. I don't have summers "off" but I can be really flexible at some times of the year. My hubs works by the hour, so he can take off whenever, with the understanding that he won't get paid if he's not working. In practice, that means he doesn't take a lot of time off. But, he is flexible, too. And healthcare. It is so prohibitively expensive. I think it is unsustainable at these costs.

Yay Mare-- glad you liked the post! No kidding about education! Another unsustainable sector in terms of cost. I really worry for some of my students, who may be burdened by debt for the rest of their lives. It seems wrong. And in terms of a society-- not a wise choice. Not a good way to guarantee that we are supporting and producing the best engineers and lawyers and doctors and what have you.

Thanks for the comments ladies-- and sorry that intense debate has made this so awkward!!

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