Monday, August 13, 2012

People in Kenya

I met so many people in Kenya-- so many kind and open people, who were generous with their time. I'm interspersing some of those photos with more general shots of "life" in Kenya for the average person. 

 A small fishing village on Lake Victoria.

I don't have a photo of our AMAZING guide Titus-- but if you're ever in Kisumu, Kenya-- go to Hippo Point and ask for Titus. He was so knowledgeable, so entertaining, just a fantastic guide.

 Patrick, our guide at Kakamega Forest. He was EXCELLENT.

 A man biking with grasses to be used for roofing.

 Elia, our driver to Kakamega. He took the hike with us, and kindly waited for me when all the others climbed much faster up the hill.

 Meeting with one of our farmer groups.

 Our daily driver Peter. I have never seen anything like the roads and traffic in the area surrounding Kisumu (and I've been on the roads in a developing country before). Peter was so skilled that I never felt anything but safe when he was driving.

 Here is the team, speaking to one of our farmer groups under the mango trees.

This little guy was one of the kids at the orphanage.

 This is blurry because it was taken with my ipad at dusk, but it's the only photo I have of the whole group. What an amazing team.
 A street in Nairobi.

The cola stand behind our hotel in Nairobi. I did not see a single Pepsi while in Kenya. Not a one. It is Coca Cola territory, for sure.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, really. There were so many moments, so many interactions, so many interesting people...

Where have you traveled that has made an impression on you?


  1. Amazing pictures. It looks like you were really immersed in the culture of Kenya.

  2. Thanks Angela-- I felt like I was. It was an unforgettable experience. :0)

  3. I love that you managed to get group photo of you guys, even if it is blurry. Go team!

    1. YAY, I know, right? Me, too-- because we spent so much time together... but almost none of that time was taking photos. :0)


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