Friday, August 10, 2012

Kenya: around Lake Victoria and Kakamega

It wasn't all amaranth and orphanages.

We did get to see a bit of nature in Kenya, too. We were there for such a short period and had so much to do that a safari wasn't possible. To be honest, everything was so unique and amazing that I didn't even miss a safari experience. Plus, I know I'll go back. So now I have something to look forward to for a return trip.

Here is a little of what I did see, in terms of nature.

This is Lake Victoria at sunset. It was gorgeous, but the mosquitos were in full effect. It's a little nerve wracking to be bitten continuously while in a malarial zone. Even if your on the anti-malarial meds.

Weaver bird nests on Lake Victoria.

Dhow boat on the Lake.

This is one of the world's largest beetles, and a resident of Kakamega national forest... but I missed it by a few months. I know! Again, I must return, if only to hold one of these gentle giants for a while. This is a mural on a information center at Kakamega Forest.

When I told the kids at the Polytechnic that I "loved bugs", a young girl IMMEDIATELY went to a nearby tree and knocked this bad boy down. It was about ten inches long, and covered in stinging hairs. Aw. Yeah.

Here are more shots from our visit to Kakamega Forest.

See why I wasn't pining for giraffes and elephants?

Have you visited nature areas here or abroad that you can recommend? What was your favorite siting of an animal, plant, or geologic feature?

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  1. Whoa... So much gorgeousness! Is that ten-inch hairy thing a CATERPILLAR? Holy cow! And yeah, the malaria thing would be a little anxiety-inducing, but the scenery is so beautiful, I'm thinking I'd be too enamored by it to really care about the mosquito.

    As far as scenery in my own life these days, I'm loving my bay-side town here in Central California. I take sunrise runs down the coast and see waves and harbor seals and pelicans and sea otters and crazy cloud formations. Love it!

  2. Yes, Katy-- can you believe it? Apparently it turns into a moth (which must be about the size of a dinner plate!)

    Oh, that sounds lovely. I envy people living in California-- it seems so picturesque-- I would love to explore that part of the US more. I think you could spend years doing it.

  3. Gorgeous photos! That insect is crazy through. ;)

    1. I know, right? I love bugs... and it was intimidating! Thanks for dropping by. :0)

  4. I don't think I'm quite as appreciative of the 10in stingy bug, but the gesture is adorable. And that first photo is gorgeous.

    1. It was beautiful-- and I totally get what you mean about the bug. :0)


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