Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kisumu, Kenya

Jambo means "hello". Moss moss means "slow". Asante is both "thank you" and "cheers". This is all you need to know.
Okay, it would probably help to know a lot more Swahili, but this is a good start.

I am not sure I know yet how to put into words what it is like here. It is so wholly different from any place I've ever been. I'm taking notes, keeping a journal, and many thoughts are simmering. Until then, check out these photos.
 This is Saturday morning. The greenish colored van is filled with people. You probably can't see, but there are something like 15-20 people inside, sitting on laps, taking up the entire space. It's how one goes to work. The little scooter/rickshaw behind this is a smaller, more intimate vehicle. I am not sure if both are considered matatus... or if this just the name for the larger ones.
We rode today on boda boda which is a bicycle with a rectangular seat on the back and a handle and footrests for the passenger. You hop on, and head into traffic. A little crazy. For this delightful ride (and it was) you pay 50 kenyan Shillings, or 50 cents.
 Tusker lager, delicious cold and I LOVE that logo.

 This was our hotel parking lot in Nairobi. Imagine a blacktop of about 20 meters by 50 meters, filled totally with cars. We had to drive through a guarded gate to enter the hotel. Here is, as you can see, the Fire Assembly Point. Thankfully we didn't have to find out exactly what that meant. Behind it was a large truck that was blasting music, until the man from our hotel yelled at them. It also seemed to contain a fryer/grill and some bench seating. I don't know what happens in that truck, but I bet it's a party.

 Here's a shot from the plane window over Burundi.

The view from my hotel room.


  1. The first time I flew west, I fell asleep; when I woke up over Minnesota, I was astounded at how flat the ground was. It took less than a second to recognize that I wasn't on the east coast, that it wasn't familiar. It's amazing that these pictures contain all the trappings of city life and are so smack-plain different.

    Sounds like you're having a great time and really sinking in. Asante!

  2. Great photos! Glad to hear you're enjoying your time there so far.

  3. I don't know how you're managing to get any research done while you're doing all this sightseeing and photo-taking and beer drinking! Ha! Enjoy.


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