Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My So-Called Teenage Life Blog Hop

Christa Desir and Amy L. Sonnichsen are co-hosting the My So-Called Teenage Life Blog Hop!

Lucky for all of us I did not use this blogfest as an opportunity to delve into THE BOX. You know, the one at THE BACK of the closet that is full of journals.

THE BOX is so far back in the closet it would have taken half a day to find it. And if I'd opened THE BOX, it would have taken the other half of the day just to get through it.

Instead, I grabbed a sketchbook from the mid 1990s off my shelf. Periodically I would take old diaries and journals and cut them up to use within collages I made in sketchbooks. That made it less easy to cringe over my own painful entries. I would use my journals, drawings, photos from magazines, etc

So, here are some of those collages... for your entertainment.

 Beetles and art cut out from magazines.

 Drawings by Degas, a dragonfly from me, photos, MLK, and a report from when my roommate was attacked in college. 

A project from photography class. 

Diary pages and bugs and drawings.

 Closeup of the page.

 Beetles, art, a photo of me and one of my bee paintings.

I still love this one. A cut out of the emaciated model from a victoria's secret catalog surrounded by beetles. I've written in "This is not healthy." Now I just know that's not healthy, but then I had to keep reminding myself.

Do you have bad poetry, journals, or art to share from your teenage years? JOIN the blog hop!


  1. Thanks for sharing. (I love the insect theme.)

    I'm afraid I've moved too many times and didn't keep anything from my high school/college days except my memories.

    BTW, I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award on my Merry Heart blog. I hope you haven't had it already.

  2. What a cool idea for a blog hop! I love this look back. :) I know I kept an entire box full of stuff from my high school years, but I couldn't tell you where it is if my life depended on it. My mom's house maybe? A storage unit somewhere?

  3. My HS diary is still wedged under my mattress in my parents' house. The poetry . . . oh, the bad, angsty poetry. I wrote one particularly awful one with an extended metaphor of a riverbed that dried up into a horrible desert full of desiccated animal bones and vultures. It was about my (ex)BFF. Yeah. [Dies of embarrassment]

  4. I was not a journal person. I tried on a number of occasions, but then quit after about the first two entries. I'm kind of glad in a way, because I think I'd be mortified to read any entries from my teen self. :)

  5. That's so cool to have those old "maps" into your younger self. I have all of my journals. They're horribly embarrassing but I'm glad to have them!

  6. Okay, I just LOVE these clips!!! I've been keeping journals ever since I can remember, so I've got a huge stack of nothing but notebooks in the far corner of my closet.

    This is almost scrapbook-like. Love it! Very creative and memorable. :) Glad I found your blog (I found you through Elana Johnson).

    By the way, I'm hosting an awesome blogfest and critique giveaway at my blog from June 22-24 that you should totally come participate in if you're interested! :) Hope you have a great day.

    ~Wendy Lu

    The Roarin' Twenties Poetry Blogfest + Chapter Critique Giveaway (hosted by The Red Angel)

  7. You'll definitely have to delve back into that box when you have time. I got such a big kick out of reading my stuff.

    And every teenage girl needs a "this is not healthy" bug poster for their wall.

  8. Collages!!! And of course they are all beautiful and sale-worthy even then. I want to bring back kids doing collages. This should be a thing again. Thanks for doing this with us.

  9. Those are awesome collages. Gorgeous, really gorgeous.

  10. I really like your collages. Last summer in camp, my girls (the campers, not daughters) did collages similar to that with one of the arts and crafts guest instructors.

  11. These are beautiful! I'm so impressed!! And your message in the last one is so good, so mature for a teenager!

    Thanks so much for joining in the fun!

  12. These are not bad poetry, photos, etc. These mark your progression as a young woman. I love that your love of bugs was always part of your life.

  13. Love that last one w/ the way too skinny model portrayed as totally sexy. Not Healthy for sure.
    And what is up with the beetles? Do you just find them interesting or do they 'mean' something?

  14. I so loved making collages, but didn't do it very often. yours are so cool!

  15. I love these collages, especially the very last one. Well done!

  16. Thank you connie, I'll come check it out!

    Meredith, it's pretty funny to read that stuff now.

    Rebecca, that doesn't sound all that bad!

    True Jaime, mortification happens immediately after, then in 20 years or so it is entertaining.

    Funny Nina, they can really get you back to that place, which is neat.

    Wendy, thanks so much! I'll come check out your blog fest.

    Thanks Suzi! I agree!

    Christa, let's start the collage revolution!

    Thank you M.J.!

    Cool, Carrie-Anne, I love to get out all my old magazines and do collages with my kids. It's super fun.

    Thank you, Amy. I think I was just angry about that girl in the catalog... I still get upset about that kind of thing.

    Thanks Susan, it is a cool progression to see in art form.

    Melodie, thanks! I'm into bugs and especially beetles. They do hold meaning for some cultures, think scarabs in Egypt., but I wasn't using them for those reasons.

    Andrea, it's a pain to pull out all the stuff, but so worth it!

    Thank you Lisa Ann!

  17. These are nice...although, um, bugs creep me out. =)

  18. I love the last one, too! The beetles are awesome. :)

  19. Oh no, E-- I understand, though. One of my poor college roommates HATED spiders, and she had a tough time living with me (though, I was always available to get the spiders out of her room, so it worked out).

    Aw, thanks Faith! National Geographic did a cover story on beetles with LOTS of great photos.

  20. WOW These are extremely creative!

  21. I love the idea of turning journal entries into collages! It makes me extra sad that I never wrote in journals way back then because this would be such a fun project.

  22. I get the sense you liked bugs even then... ;)

  23. Thank you, Heather!

    It's not too late Jocelyn... I liked it especially because it turned some embarrassing rambling into something else. It allows for a certain amount of self-editing.

    So true Sophia-- I did. Big time. :0)

  24. Wow! These collages are truly works of art. You clearly have a creative artist's soul. Thank you for sharing. :)


  25. I enjoyed looking at these. I had them open in tabs admiring each one. I didn't make collages, but sometimes I cut out pictures and articles. I wish I hadn't thrown them away.

  26. Thank you, Lola! What a nice thing to say. :0) Hugs back!

    Medeia, thank you. I still cut out articles, but now I have a fat file that I need to go through and make something with! :0)


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