Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Verify this!

I am a real anti-word-verification nut.

So much so that I have posted about my dislike of verification before here.

You may have noticed (or not noticed, that's okay, too) that I have not been blogging much lately. My day job comes first, and I have been working my butt off since school began in September. When I have any spare time, and the choices are blogging or writing, I pick writing. But-- this is not the point of this post. My POINT (there is one, wait for it...) is that on spring break last week I took the time to FINALLY start reading and commenting on blogs that I've been neglecting.

And I noticed something. (I'm a researcher, I like to think I'm good at noticing things.) I noticed that many, many blogs that I was reading had word verification. Even blogs that I was pretty sure didn't have word verification just a few months or weeks ago.

I know there have been lots of changes on blogger lately and I wondered if in the re-vamping, had blogger been auto-setting people's blogs to word verification status?

So I checked my own settings and was DOWNRIGHT AMAZED to find I had been re-set for word verification!

You may want to "Check yourself before you wreck yourself".*

Here's how:

From your blog page, click Design to enter the blogger editor.

Click on Settings on the left-hand menu

Then select Posts and Comments

Then change the "Word verification?" setting from YES to NO and be sure to hit "Save Settings", the orange box in the top right corner.

Do you verify? Did you know blogger automatically searches for spam and separates it out?

Have you been unwittingly suffering from word verification?

* Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers this 90s public service campaign --though to be honest, now I can't recall if it was pro-safe sex or anti-drugs... oh, there were too many public service campaigns in the 80s-90s to keep them all straight!


  1. I checked and I'm still verification-free, but thanks for the heads up! And yeah, typing out two squiggly, hard-to-read words makes me less likely to comment, so I'm all for getting rid of them.

  2. Yeah...can't stand word verification. Also, Blogger is a pain. Which is why I switched. :P

  3. I remember that catch phrase! But I don't rem what it was for, either. My friends and I used to say it in response to almost any situation.

  4. I detest word verification. When you're trying to leave comments on as many blogs as you can fit it, it's a real pain in the neck. I did select 'no' for word verification, but I'm not sure if it took. Hope so.

  5. I had a similar "wait I'm requiring verification?" moment a while back. I hate it! Now I'm going to double-check to make sure it's still off.

  6. Ahh! Thanks for sharing this. I hate word verification and got rid of it ages ago. I didn't realize it had come back! Fixing that right now...

  7. I do think it defaulted during some of the other Blogger "upgrades", because I've let lots of friends know it was turned on--they hadn't turned it on, so it must be automatic.

    I've always hated it, but at around the same time it started showing up on blogs again, the WV switched to the 2 word distorted format and that is so much harder for me to read. I have a visual learning disability, and it just makes it that much more difficult.

    I admit to stopping commenting on some sites, but I at least try to give them a heads up first in case they don't know it's active.

  8. I know people hate word verification, but when I turn it off, I get all kinds of spam. True, spam never gets posted, but...I hate getting it in my inbox. I suppose I should just suck it up and fish for more comments.

  9. I'm been word verification free for a long time. But lately, I've been getting a lot of spam. I toyed with the idea of turning WV back on. But after a week or two, the spam started dwindling. Yay!

  10. Thanks for the heads up. I'm off to double check my settings.

  11. I agree Soph, those new squiggly words are SO hard to deal with!

    Ha Jennifer, very funny! We did too!

    Jaime- it is a pain. If I notice it the next time I comment on your blog, I'll let you know.

    Same here Rebecca- it's so frustrating that they can change things without consent.

    Yay Ghenet-- so glad to help.

    Exactly Angelica-- some are so hard to read. I find it nearly impossible and so frustrating.

    Ug, Carolyn, that is no fun. Maybe it doesn't bother me because I don't have comments sent to my email-- I only check them online. So-- the spam that I get stays corralled within blogger.

    Yay Connie-- maybe just a weird trend-- I hope that spam is dwindling for good.

    Yay Carrie- I hope your free!

  12. Yes. Thank you. Yes. Yes. Yes. So much yes.

  13. Oh, I hate it too! I feel like we should totally make a campaign out of this. You know, have all our blogger friends post on how to get rid of CAPTCHA all at once. (Personally, I use a separate commenting platform, which I find makes handling comments a lot easier.)

  14. Anytime, Christa!

    Yahong-- I am in total agreement on the Campaign for Responsible Verification.
    I'm curious what commenting platform you use? (LOVE those earrings, btw)

  15. Grrrr...thanks for this. I just fixed mine. UNCOOL, Blogger.

  16. Hi. Saw your post when I was doing a little research of my own. It happened to me and I had to go in and fix it 3 times before it took. I didn't realize until recently that you don't see it on your own blog when replying to comments, so I check it every couple of days now. I totally agree with Mrs Silverstein above... Not cool Blogger!


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