Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lego Fest! with everybody's favorite Danish brick

You read that right.

We took the boys a few weekends ago to Lego Fest at the convention center to get our play on. It was just as awesome as you're probably imagining.

Because I'm in the throes of exams, and am sick, and have a sick kid, I'll leave you with photos and a few comments.

 You could build whatever you liked on a green square and they placed it in this giant USA-shaped section.

There were huge models, like this dinosaur.

and lightning mcqueen

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  1. I always think it's crazy when people make big, detailed things out of hundreds (probably more like tens of thousands) of tiny pieces of lego. My lego creations were so much less inspired!

  2. Ha! Sophia, too true. I am nowhere at that level, but it was incredible to see.

  3. We went to one a few years ago in VA, it was amazing!!!! My hubby was in geek LOVE. I was super impressed with the quality of art.

  4. OMG, Hubby would die if we were there. He LOVES Legos.

    Feel better!

  5. Sooo jealous right now. I love LEGO! Wish this would come to Montreal...

  6. WOW. That would've been my childhood dream. That Lego dinosaur? Killer. And that idea to be able to build anything you want and attach it to a larger structure... inspired. I just can't help thinking that one piece removed would crumble an entire thing though! :P

    Hope you and your kiddo get better!

  7. oh my gosh

    this is awesome

    i have always wanted to take my kids to one of these lego thingys (none have ever been in my area...0

    x Nomes

  8. Oh man. We don't have kids, but I swear, I'd never peel my husband away from that place...

  9. There were more than just dinosaurs, they had HUGE models of all the HP folks, the Star Wars characters... and tons more. It was fantastic. They also had a whole section called The Adult Friends of Lego, with super-fabulous models and worlds. It was incredible.


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