Friday, December 2, 2011

I dig Reading Challenge: November edition

November and April are my nuttiest months for teaching.

So. Many. Meetings.

And this year was not helped by #snowpocalypse or was it #snowmageddon? Whatever. You get the idea. I had several e-books in the TBR pile... and then my computer died. Ug.

Fortunately the computer was still under warranty, so I got a new motherboard and new screen FOC. Huzzah.

I was able to read a little in November, but not a ton.

Here is what I read:

Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto. Read my review below. I adored this book. It's a keeper.

Bossypants by Tina Fey. Love her, love her style. It was a quick read with some LOL moments.
All that said, I find the cover photo... um, disconcerting.
Yet I can't stop staring at those big hairy arms.
Look at them.
No, stop looking at them.
Can we please stop talking about it?

The 39 Clues #1 by Rick Riordan, with my middle grade book club. I dug it. Good times. I reviewed it here.

The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie. I enjoy her books, and am  working my way through a collected volume of five of hers right now.

This is a "Tommy and Tuppence" mystery... which means there must be more books out there featuring these lovely lead characters! Tommy and Tuppence remind me of The Thin Man's Nick and Nora Charles, played here by William Powell and the super-chic Myrna Loy (and don't forget cutie-pie pup Asta).

Tommy and Tuppence are charming, clever, and, ya know, just happen to solve a ton of mysteries while looking fabulous! Who wouldn't dig them?

The Christian Mama's Guide to Having a Baby by Erin MacPherson. Can I start by saying, the answer is "no". I am not pregnant. I am not planning on becoming pregnant.
Just wanted to clarify.

Erin is a lovely blog-writer-friend and I won a copy of her book. I certainly enjoyed NOT being pregnant as I read about food cravings, morning sickness, and weight gain. :0)  Look for a real review of the book in the coming week.

Stolen Harvest by Vandana Shiva. Shiva is one of my environmental activist heroes. Her book about what she describes as "food totalitarianism" (a handful of corporations controlling all of the world's food supply) is an eye opener and also a great source for my enviro-disaster book THIRST.

That makes 6 books for the month, and my donation will be going to The Jonah Center for Earth and Art.


  1. Can we still participate in this? I love the idea!

  2. Exactly, mooderino!

    Daph-- OF COURSE! Let me know if you do and I'll add you to the IDRC tab. I'll definitely be doing it next year, too. I'll probably be posting about the 2012 version in the next few weeks. :0)

  3. I would most definitely like to do it. Thanks so much!

  4. That Tina Fey cover FREAKS ME OUT.

    Maybe it's better on the inside?

  5. Cool Daph!

    Rida- Ug. I know. She is really funny (it was great on the inside), but I do not like those hairy arms.

  6. Ooh! Such a diverse reading month for you, and it looks like there are some excellent books on that list. And you are not alone in your opinion of Bossypant's cover... a little creepy!

  7. Funny Katy- it's so true. I imagine she likes the shock value, but it is so weird to have that image staring at you in your own home.

  8. I'm listening to the audio book of Bossy Pants (Tina Fey narrates it herself) and it's hilarious so far. :) Next, I want to listen to Mindy Kaling's audio book (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?). I hear it's also very funny.


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