Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Girls Night / Book Club

Photo open to creative commons use (by 416Style on Flickr)

It began as a simple idea. The way all great things do.

A group of us were talking and our friend Jeannie said, "We should start a book club". We talked about how some people are burned out on reading, about how some of us can't get into anything deeper than the latest US Weekly, we talked about how we never do anything without our kids (but would love to), we discussed books we loved, we mentioned a couple of books we hated, and then made a plan to launch the inaugural North End Ladies Book Club.

The official rules of book club are:
1. No hummus and carrot sticks
2. No one will judge you if you don't finish the book

Eleven ladies came to my house this past Friday night, just after the kids went to sleep (collectively leaving behind a total of 21 children).

Our plan was simply to select a book to read by the meeting in January.

The wine began to flow, the discussions started, and I'm pretty sure I committed to getting at least three tattoos (some of them book related).

We started at 8PM. I fell asleep on the sofa at midnight (my college roommates will confirm that this is not unusual behavior for me) and at that point, a handful of ladies walked to a neighbors' house for an after-party that lasted until 2AM.

Waking up at 6 AM for the kids was not a good idea in my case. Thankfully my husband (who said the sound of our "book club" was deafening) watched the boys until Mom was back on her feet.

I heard all weekend from the ladies about how much FUN everyone had.

We all agreed in retrospect that while hummus may still be a non-starter, FOOD in general is a good idea.

Our book club selection for the January meeting is Swamplandia by Karen Russell

The selection for the February meeting is The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian by Sherman Alexi

I have a feeling that this book club is going to be something special.

I'll keep reporting on our adventures here. If we can manage to sit still for a photo, I'll post it next month!

Are you in a book club (online or IRL)?

Have you been in the past?

Did you love it?


  1. That sounds like an awesome book club! I've never been a part of one personally, but I could totally get behind one like that. :)

  2. I've never been part of a book club, but you know I'd be down with talking about books and eating good food. And socialising, what a rare treat!

  3. Sounds like fun!! I loved Absolutely True Diary. :)

  4. That sounds like great fun! And what's wrong with hummus and carrot sticks? Not together, of course, but...

    ANYWHO, I've never been in a book club because until I actually started a book blog, I wasn't used to expressing my feelings about a book. But if all book clubs were this crazy, I'd be all for it!

  5. A couple of my neighbours and I have decided to start a book club, and our first meeting will be in January. There will be food (maybe even carrot sticks and hummus!), and our first book is The Happiness Game by Gretchen Rubin.
    There are only 3-4 of us right now, but I'm hoping the book club will grow as people find out about it. Your group sounds like a lot of fun, and I'll look forward to reading more about your experiences.

  6. *sticks up, affronted, for carrot sticks and hummus*

    It sounds like it was a rocking time! :D I've always wanted to be part of a book club, but the books that my library sets up are always so... non-invigorating, haha. (Those tattoes? I want photos. ;D)

  7. Well! That sounds fun!! I've never belonged to a book club, but I'd like to get together with people to discuss a book we've all read. Have considered joining the one at the library, but the adult group always reads adult books, and I read YA!

  8. Okay. I want to move to your town so I can be in YOUR book club! Sounds like a blast! I've been participating in Tracey's online book club (which I adore), but I would love to belong to a real-life book club as well. The problem is, I have very few friends who read YA as predominantly as I do, and that's really the only type of book I'd care discuss. So, clearly it's my own fault I'm not in a real-life book club! :)

  9. It's been about four years since I went to a book club on a regular basis. I really should try to fit one into my life again.

  10. I am the secretary of our neighborhood book club which has been in existence for about 15 years and has about 20 members (give or take). Of course, only about seven to ten show up on a given night - everyone has busy lives - but the core of the group is very strong. There's a very social aspect to the group and we try to read a variety of genres including YA - last year we read and loved The Hunger Games (my pick) as well as The Book Thief. We have a book swap at the holiday party and a PJs night - I LOVE BOOK CLUB!

  11. It was a lot of fun Meredith- and we haven't read anything yet!

    Come on over, Sophia!

    Ooh, cool Angie- I am looking forward to it.

    Rida- funny- I'm not sure. Someone just started saying "no hummus" and that was that. I think they were requesting non-healthy snacks.

    Awesome Susan- I haven't heard of that book! I hope to hear about yours as well.

    Yahong, i do like carrot sticks and hummus! No tattoos yet... but many plans for tattoos.

    Carol- I know! I am going to suggest lots of YA/MG for this one, and they seem really open to it.

    Katy- You're welcome any time! I also love Tracey's online book club.

    Carolyn, Same here- I was in one briefly before I had kids... it seems like a lifetime ago.

    AWESOME Maryanne- Why am I not surprised that you're in a super-cool book club? I'm totally stealing your ideas for book swap and pjs night!

  12. I LOVE my book club! We usually meet during the week, but sounds like we need to make it more of a GNO on Friday! Sometimes the other discussions are just as awesome as the book ones!

  13. It seems like it's going to be special. I was in a book club but was asked to leave because I am too opinionated and got mad when no one read the book. If I'm paying for a babysitter, I want to discuss the book, not mom trials and tribulations.(Those should be reserved for cocktail hour) See? I'm a failure with book clubs.

  14. I recommend it, Alison. I think it's going to continue to be great.

    Christa, you are making me laugh. We have a good mix-- several who said up front that they might not be reading the book, and also several who are hard-core book lovers and I'm sure will read each month. I think it will be a good mix.


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