Monday, December 12, 2011

Contest: A bug in your (mail) box for the holidays

Your reception to my prints was so great I decided to hold a contest and give one away.

I've opened up an etsy shop where you can view the prints I make.

The winner can select one print (any value) and I will sign and send it to you.

Here are the details:

To enter, simply comment on this blog and leave an email address for me. That will give you one entry.

For more entries, you can do the following:
(+1) tweet
(+1) new follow
(+2) old follow
(+1) blog about it or put it on the sidebar

Just post in your comment what you've done and for what amount of points.

The contest ends December 22nd and I will mail your choice of print out on the 23rd. You'll have a bug of your own by New Year's.

Open Internationally.

Here are a few of the bugs available, but check the ETSY site for new additions.

The full details are on ETSY, this paper measures 4 13/16 x 5 14/16.
This one measures 5 x 6 1/8 (paper size)

This is much larger, 13 x 17 inches

Here's a detail from the wing.

This measures 10 x 13 inches.


  1. Look at how industrious you are! (I was going to do a bug analogy, but I haven't had coffee yet.)

    Old follower +2
    Tweeted +1

    Total of 3 for me.

  2. These are fabulous! Love them! Count me in please.
    Old follower +2
    And I'll tweet once I'm off work (blocked at school-grrr)

    What a fun contest!

  3. Way to spread the love, Kat! Count me in:
    +2 Old follower
    +1 Tweeted
    = 3

  4. I would totally hang one of those on my wall! Ooo, ooo, or you should print some on PILLOWCASES. How cool would that be? Put me down for 3 entries please! (my email is on my blogger profile)

  5. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway, Kat! I love that dragonfly so much... Fingers crossed!

    I'm a new follower (not sure how I wasn't following before?!) so +1, plus I tweeted, so +1 again. :)

  6. Ooo, I'd love one of these! Great idea, Kat! You should have my email.

    Old follower +2

  7. I love your block prints! Printmaking and insects just seem to work so well together.

  8. So cool!
    Old follower, and I'll tweet about it posthaste. +3
    rebecca at rebeccabehrens dot com

  9. How did I ever miss these?? They're lovely!
    I'm an old follower, and I'll Google+ it now and blog about it tomorrow morning.

  10. Thanks everyone for the great response! I have a cool beetle I'll be posting soon... and my plan is to try to squeeze in a butterfly before christmas...

  11. Old follower and I tweeted, so 3. Love these!!

  12. Oh my lord, these are gorgeous! And a butterfly? Can't wait.

    yahongchi @ gmail . com

  13. They're gorgeous! I was a big fan of bugs when I was a kid--I had a great book about all the weird things they do, but unfortunately I don't know which book it was anymore. I'm an old follower, and I'll go tweet about this now.

  14. These are awesome!! Love the detail of the wing! You are talented. I am an old follower (literally), and I will put this one out for others.

  15. Love the prints... going to check out your ETSY shop now.


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