Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween in #snowmageddon

Here's a pic of my little Jedi knights and their "light savers".

I'm happy to report Halloween was rescheduled for last night. It was more like two weak Halloweens instead of one mega-event, but the boys had a great time. (Just between you and me and their dentist, I'm glad they didn't get tons of candy).


  1. So cute! And yay for a second chance at Halloween.

  2. Aww, love the costumes! We'll be happy to send a pound (or five!) of candy your way if you're interested. :)

  3. Too cute! Glad they got a makeup Halloween. :)

  4. So cute! Glad you got to celebrate despite the snowmageddon.

  5. oh, that photo is too cool

    my boys would absolutely be jedi's too :) (although we dont do halloween in Australia, haha, and where i live, we don't do snow either :))

    x Nomes


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