Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fives: Favorites from Childhood

This is easy.

1. Ferdinand the Bull

I loved it so much I made a painting of my fave scene for my kids' room

2. My Book about Me is fantastic- you fill out all the details of your life, count things around your house, and even get your mailman's signature!

3. Goodnight Moon

4. Richard Scarry's works

5. The Little House


  1. That painting of Ferdinand is awesome!

  2. Richard Scarry! Oh man did I love those books as a kid!!

  3. I remember that Richard Scarry book!

  4. Such a cool painting; are you taking requests?

  5. I liked Runaway Bunny. Actually, I liked anything with bunnies. Frances was another one of my favorites, especially the one with the tea set.

    Shout out for you on my blog today. Hope you get some traffic. :)

  6. I love Richard Scarry's books. The illustrations have so much detail and are so clever.
    I love Ferdinand, too--so cool that you painted a scene from it!

  7. I used to read the Richard Scarry books to my much younger brother and sister. I loved them.

    When I was little a lot of the books read to me weren't in English so I discovered Dr. Suess and the rest later. I've never read Ferdinand the Bull. It's now on my TBR list.

  8. oh, cute pix. I loved Ferdinand, too, but I'd never seen Goodnight Moon until I had my own two daughters. My youngest LOVED it. So now it's one of our family classics~ :o)

  9. Richard Scarry and Dr. Seuss were pretty much the shiz. I actually bought a collection of Dr. Seuss books for myself (as an adult) even though I have no kids. Fond memories... Great choices!

  10. Thanks Jennifer- I did a whole series of portrait paintings of book characters for their room, so we have lowly worm, yertle the turtle, pooh, and the whole gang.

    They're great aren't they- so much to look at.

    Cool Alicia! My hubs fave was Cars, Trucks, and Things that Go.

    Ha! Sophia... um I can only do bugs and simple cartoon characters.... still interested?

    Carolyn- first, thanks for the shout out. So sweet! And FRANCES- how could I forget her? Those drawings were fascinating to me as a kid. My boys liked the runaway bunny.

    True Rebecca- Scarry's pictures are such a visual feast. My boys love them. And thanks about the painting. :0)

    Connie- were you a big nijntje fan? Or was that after your time? We love nijntje, too.

    LTM- I think what I love about GM is the rhyme is so pleasant and soothing. It's perfect for bedtime and we never got tired of it, though we read it OFTEN.

    Totally Jaime- I have "kids" books my kids aren't allowed to touch. I often think about using Dr Suess in my politics and environment classes.

  11. These are awesome picks! As I blog hop, I'm finally starting to remember the books I read as a kid!

  12. The painting's excellent! I'm impressed. :)

  13. I re-did the Book About Me so many times, it was almost embarrassing. To this day, I'm not sure my parents ever bought me any other book.

  14. I remember some of these from my childhood fondly! Totally forgot about Little House until I saw it in your post today. :)

  15. Love the painting of Ferdinand.

  16. Alison- so true. I started a new list of wishlist books today.

    Thanks Colin. :0)

    Thank you Christa- someone who understands the glory of the Book about me. The worst is that it wasn't mine-- it was my sisters, and I wanted one SO badly.

    Krispy- the Little House is so good. All about development. I love it still.

    Thanks Carrie. The original image is so fantastic.

  17. That painting you made is lovely! And cute.

    I haven't actually read any of these books (!) probably because I transitioned from picture books to chapter books pretty quickly. And missed out on a bunch of cute stories along the way :(

  18. Aww! Ferdinand! Such a sweet story. And I've always loved Richard Scarry, though I have to say that as a parent, his books kind of annoy me. My daughter likes me to read EVERY word printed in them!

  19. Oh yeah--I totally forgot about the Book About Me! Like I needed that--as the firstborn, every photo album was the Book About Me. But I loved it.

    We had a different Richard Scarry Book, the Best Word Book Ever--but I got it before I was even reading, so in our house it went by the name "Ton O'Pictures". I was shocked when I learned to read and that wasn't the name! That should totally have been on my list.

  20. Thanks Rida- I read a lot of these while working as a nanny in college, too... and now I read them to my kids.

    Katy- I totally fake my kids out and pretend to read it all... but please. That's crazy. What do you think of the weird germanic themes? Someone always seems to be in liederhosen, don't they?

    Mrs. Silverstein- funny. As the youngest, I wasn't in anything. :0)
    Ton O Pictures. LOL.


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