Monday, September 26, 2011

TWO awards: 7 X 7 and TAG I'm it

For the 7X7 Award I share seven past blog articles that fit the superlative and THEN share the award with seven other bloggers.

Thanks to the effervescent Katy Upperman for passing this award to me. 
Most Beautiful: I still love this post featuring some of my son's art. I'm a mom. That's my thing. 

Most Helpful: My post on creating tabs in blogger. 
Most Popular: Inexplicably, this posting of a story about a painted bunting has twice the hits  of any other post. 

Most Controversial: Have I had a controversial post? I try not to... if I've blanked on one, let me know. 
Most Surprisingly Successful: I love this post where I tell a scar story from junior high. The response was so positive I wrote it up as an essay and sent it to a real live magazine. Even better: the Dude in question sent me a nice email lamenting that he hadn't come out to help me.
Most Prideworthy: I'm still crazy about Tiny Punk and the Machine a mini-steampunk odyssey featuring my kids and some of their friends. 

And for the TAG, I'm it, which was passed to me by The Contemplative Cat. 
I must tell 10 random unknown things about me, then tag five other bloggers. 

1. My middle name is Amory
2. I've eaten a bug on purpose
3. I once attended a conference dedicated to learning about composting toilets
4. I lived in the Netherlands for 5 years
5. I lived in a caravan park in the Netherlands (I could tell some stories!)
6. I have two older sisters
7. I always wanted a little brother
8. I was a camp counselor and taught riflery (i.e., shooting targets with guns)
9. I love tomatoes
10. I can take a nap almost anywhere
Well it's only fair that:

I TAG Katy for the Contemplative Cat post, and

pass on the 7x7 award to the Contemplative Cat!

And I'd like to double-tag some of my favorite bloggers!

Laura Hughes
Sophia (My fleet-footed self)
Joanne (My brain on books)
Alicia (who has already done at least one of these)
Pam and Quita

Participate if you like, no pressure if you don't!


  1. You've eaten a bug... on purpose? O.o

    Unique middle name, though- I've never heard of Amory :)

  2. The scar story is fantastic. I love that it happened at a Piggly Wiggly too and that you were able to submit it elsewhere. Good job.

  3. Ick. Sorry, I can't get behind the bug eating. I can't even remain calm if one comes within a 3 foot radius.

    I love your middle name! It's so original.

  4. I really enjoyed this award! Fun to peruse the old blog posts! Now I'm off to check out some of yours.


  5. To echo others, what kind of bug? I don't think I could do that as bugs squick me out. -_-

    Very cool about the Netherlands though! :) Now, to check out some of these posts you linked!

  6. Effervescent? Thank you!

    It was fun to peek at your past posts, especially the painted bunting one because I didn't have any idea what a painted bunting was before. :)

    And thanks for tagging me for another award... now to come up with some random facts...

  7. Thanks for the tag(s), KO! Also, you lived in the Netherlands? Details, please.

  8. Whoo hoo! Now I don't have to wrack my brains for a post next week :-) ...I hope I can think of 10 interesting things!

  9. You ate chocolate covered crickets, didn't you? And I love your middle name!

  10. What was living in the Netherlands like??

  11. Alicia is TOTALLY right- I ate chocolate covered crickets at an art opening!
    If I had to equate them with a real food item, I'd say they tasted like a Krackel.

    Living in the Netherlands was great- lovely people, awesome bike culture, all the beer and cheese you can take! I wasn't crazy about the rain, but it is a wonderful country-- visit if you can!


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