Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RTW: Best Book of September/ I Dig Reading

September was all over the place in terms of reading. In addition to a LOT of reading for my classes, I read four books for fun:

Holes by Louis Sachar. I'd seen the movie, but not read the book. EXCELLENT! I can't recommend it enough.

Making Waves by Tawna Fenske. If you read Tawna's blog (Don't Pet Me, I'm Writing) you know that she is truly funny. Hilarious, even. My expectations were high for her debut Making Waves, and this book met them all. A big dollop of romance, a cool mystery, and lots of laughing out loud along the way.

Chasing Vermeer. I picked this up when agent Amanda Lewis called me about my own book-- I  had to read a book she represented before meeting her. I loved this book. It was so good that I'm already reading the others in the series. It played a big role in my decision to sign with Amanda, because this book is in many ways what I aspire to: a smart MG book full of mind-bending puzzles, great characters (smart girls, FTW!), a fast-paced plot, and a suspenseful mystery.

Sloppy Firsts, Megan McCaffrey. This snarky protagonist manages to tell it like it is while remaining lovable and endearing. You can't beat that!

Don't make me pick.

I won't.

As for my I Dig Reading Challenge, four books for the month will go to another donation for Gilead Community Services (they have a fundraiser in October, so I'm saving up!)

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  1. I love HOLES so much. Such a unique, layered book. I love when stories come full circle and tie up all the loose ends in a related but shocking way. Not easy to pull off, but I think HOLES does it perfectly.

    Adding Sloppy Firsts and Making Waves to my list now!

  2. Sloppy firsts. Now there's a clever title. I need some of her title-making genius to rub off on me.

  3. agree with Katy--HOLES IS FRICKIN' FABULOUS! i read it when i was like, 9 or something, and i try to reread once every year and love it more each time! and have you seen the movie adaptation? it is a STUNNING. so incredibly faithful to the movie, and just WOWZA.

    and gosh, i've been wanting or read Sloppy Firsts since forever--really sounds like my kinda book! i wasn't a very big fan of the author's dystopian book BUMPED, but SF is a lot more different and i can't wait to read it :)

  4. I too have seen the movie Holes, but never read the book. Sounds like it would be worth adding to the wish list.

  5. Holes is the only book on your list that I've read. I'll have to check out the other three. They all sound great.

  6. I won't make you pick--they all sound awesome.

  7. I've heard such great things about Holes, but I still haven't read it. Big, big fail there. But! I've read Sloppy Firsts a lot. Love it so, so much. I'm glad you liked it too!

  8. I love the movie Holes and keep meaning to pick up the book!

  9. I want to read Sloppy Firsts - never heard of it until now. The title has me. :)

  10. I have not read any of these. FAIL on my part. But I have heard that Holes is awesome.

  11. I haven't read any of these either.... but now I want to. And I agree Sloppy Firsts is a great title.

  12. Katy- so true, that circular storytelling! Agh! I can't get enough of it.

    Totally Angela-- it's a great title, and fits the MC and her story perfectly.

    Aleeza- SF is so good, I definitely recommend it.

    Colin- definitely. Even "knowing" what would happen b/c of having seen the movie, I enjoyed the read.

    Yay Kate- do check them out, they're all fantastic.

    Whew, thanks Rebecca. :0)

    Alicia- I definitely think you'd like holes!

    Do Jennifer, it's totally worth it.

    Alison- it had a lot more depth than I expected, and it was a great read.

    Aww, Meredith- no fail... there are way too many books out there! :0)

    Great Beck- hope you do, and that you like them.

  13. I thought they did a good job with the Holes movie, but they weren't able to capture the full wonderful weirdness. Great book

  14. I haven't read any of these, but they do sound great.

    Congrats on being agented, BTW! Sorry I missed the announcement. I guess I haven't visited in a while.

  15. Chasing Vermeer and Holes are both great books! I was surprised at how close to the book, the Holes movie actually was too.

  16. Thanks so much for mentioning my book, Making Waves! I'm excited to check out the other books on the list, especially Holes!


  17. I LOVED Holes and Sloppy Firsts- the two I've read in this list :) Both of them are like, mind-bogglingly amazing.

  18. I think I read HOLES for the first time when I was in grade school. O.O *feels old* But I read it again not long ago and loved it even more than I used to. I'll have to check some of those other books out!

  19. @Angelica- I thought they stuck to the book more than most.

    Thanks Jennifer! I appreciate it!

    So true Jaime- I agree.

    Thanks Tawna- Holes is one of those magical stories, I can't recommend it enough.

    Francesca- funny! Do check them out... they're all great.


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