Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fives with Paper Hangover

I'm typing this surrounded by piles of cold and sinus products I picked up at CVS this morning. The school year is upon us, and in our family that means four separate sets of germs culminating in regular colds.
But, I'm fighting it with the probably-toxic combination of cold and sinus meds, sinus wash, fresh ginger, and tea.

Despite the cold I didn't want to miss this week's Friday Fives, where Paper Hangover asks

I'll go with a few actual and a few fantasy writing locations.

1. I write in my home office, which is cozy and perfect for me.

2. Some days, due to circumstance, I write in the den, but it is often at night or during nap time when the boys are asleep upstairs.

3. One thing I love about writing is that all you really need is a piece of paper and a pen. Sometimes I take my notebook along and try to squeeze in time for ideas and scenes at the playground, in the backyard, or anyplace else I can.

Now, for the fantasy picks:
4. I wouldn't mind writing here one little bit...

5. and I'm in talks with my husband to build me a standing desk like this one.


  1. Your writing location IRL is pretty awesome- all that lovely light and that peaceful feeling... :)

  2. Ok, I love your home office! It's so cozy, and I'm swooning over that desk.

  3. Thanks Rida- It gets lots of sun in winter, which I need!

    Meredith, I love that warm color, and isn't the desk amazing? it looks SO useful!

  4. After your hubby builds you that desk, can he come build one for me? :)

  5. What a lovely space to write!!

    I hope you feel better soon. Maybe a vaporizer would help too.

  6. Cozy totally sums up your home office. I like. Who needs a fantasy?

  7. Your little writing office is adorable!!! Adorable. I'd like to write there. I, sadly, write in the living room at my desk with too many children screaming. Luckily, no TV in the living room.

  8. Your home office looks lovely. I would want to write in there!
    If you get a standing desk, I'm curious to see how you like it. I'd love to have one.

    PS Congrats on your recent agent news!

  9. Pam- we should talk, he could probably hook you up, especially if you have some old wood laying around!

    Thanks Connie- good advice.

    True Sophia, the one I have is a great size (small) and totally does the trick.

    Christa, it's a mother's gift to be able to tune out the screaming to type just a little, right?

    I'll keep you posted on the standing desk Rebecca, and thanks so much for the congrats. :0)

  10. I totally daydream of a writing cottage. Sigh.

    Hey, I heard from Tracy that you got an agent and announced the same day as me! Congrats, congrats!

  11. Hey Lydia- very cool-- I saw your mention on Tracey's site. Congratulations!


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