Monday, August 15, 2011

Transmissions from the Hiatus

Only a quick break in hiatus programming to wish a happy 6th birthday to my favorite oldest son, James.

I just spent an hour reading our old family blog and remembering his early days. To say it has been a blur would be an understatement. It has been a fun but hard, sleep-deprived, bank-account-reducing, incredible adventure.

 Riding with mom to a new baby checkup in the Netherlands

Early days

 Helping Dad with a remodeling project.

 Sledding with BFF!
 With your number-one-little-brother-fan.

 With cousin B outside Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

As Thomas the Train

I love you buddy, and I wouldn't change a thing.


  1. Your son is adorable! (Not to mention James is my favorite boy's name EVER). I love these pictures, especially the first one of you biking with him. It's so sweet and so very European. :)

    Happy birthday to him!!

  2. Oh, what a cutie pie! Happy birthday, James!!

  3. What are you doing on a BIKE so soon after giving birth?! You are a much stronger, braver woman that I am!

    Thanks for sharing all of your adorable pictures, and Happy Birthday to James!

    (Now go enjoy the rest of your hiatus!)

  4. the cuteness is KILLING me! also, you look completely gorgeous on that bike in the netherlands? how many awesome european cities have you been to, anyway? (i remember you leaving a comment on my blog in which you wrote that finnish people were really yeah :D)

  5. Thanks Meredith- I love the name James, too-- classic.

    Thanks Holly- I hope you and yours are feeling better!

    Katy- Thanks! that's how the Dutch roll... I just feel glad I didn't have to bike to deliver him. :0)

    Thank you Alicia!!!

    Thanks Aleeza- you are too sweet. I have actually not been to very many European cities-- I lived in the NL for 5 years, but still haven't even been to italy, spain or france! I'd love to go back some day. :0)

  6. Happy Birthday, James! (My father's name was James as is my brothers - so I love it too!) And I love the pics! Too cute!

  7. That's SUPER sweet. Congrats on needing TWO hands to show how old you are big man!

  8. Oh my goodness—he's so cute!! Happy birthday, James! :)

  9. Hope James had a great birthday. Those are adorable pics, Kat. Especially love the Thomas costume. So cute!

  10. Thanks Tracey- of course I think he's cute, but it's sweet to think others do, too.

    Joanne- My husband made that a few Halloweens ago. Good times.

  11. adorable! happy bday to the little man. Mine just passed by's going too fast : ( I miss that snuggly newborn stage!

  12. So sweet! Thanks for sharing your memories with us. Happy b'day to James and continue to enjoy your time with your family before the school year descends once again. <3 Mare

  13. Two is a fun age Eliza-- it does really flash by.

    Thanks Mare- School will be here before we know it!


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