Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Final hiatus post: birthday two, electric boogaloo

Well, the month of August would not be complete without wrapping up with our favorite youngest birthday guy.

Our double-brother-deluxe-birthday was scheduled for Sunday, as in hurricane Sunday. So, that didn't happen at all. We're on the agenda for tonight for a make-up party before school starts.

Here are some photos of our number one little brother.
 Always in favor of a nap.

 Day out with mom at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam

 Hiking in Connecticut.

Taking a ride.

 Clowning with everybody's favorite big brother.

The Hiatus ends this week-- starting next week I will return, posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on writing, books, and bugs!


  1. So sweet! Happy birthday to your little boy!

  2. Cutie pies, both of them! Happy birthday!

  3. Cute pics... and yay for coming back to writing, books and bugs after a hiatus!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Love the photos. (And I love the "Made In Holland" shirt.)

  5. Precious! Happy Birthday to your little guy! But both of your guys are handsome!

    Love the Holland shirt - I've visited that zoo...fun!

  6. Happy Birthday to your son!

    Hope Irene didn't bug you too much and welcome back. :)

  7. Thanks all!

    We had a great party last night! It was tons of fun, though we're all a little tuckered out now.

    We are fine from the hurricane, but many of our friends are still without power! School is being delayed because of what others in town are experiencing.


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