Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fives with Paper Hangover

Is it Friday again already?

This week has flown.

The lovely peeps of Paper Hangover ask: What are your Five Favorite Writing Communities?

This is a fun topic, and I can't wait to see all the responses.

My go-to's would have to include:

1. My Weekend of Awesome ladies-- Pam, Quita, Erinn, Alicia, [and Holly and Mo in spirit...] the first REAL, LIVE writing community I connected with.

2. Paper Hangover, naturally. Not only is the Friday five fun, but I love their segments talking with REAL TEENS. Hello!? Smartest. Idea. Ever.

3. Write On Con. I think it's beyond generous to try to include everyone worldwide in the experience of a conference. The instigators are downright brilliant.

4. The Absolute Write message boards. Where else can you find out the scoop on all manner of insider secrets? I am but a lurker there, but I love to search around!

 5. YA Highway. The Road Trips are always a fun way to meet new writers and hear their take on a variety of topics.

What about you? What are you favorite writing communities? Visit the Hangover to read all about it!


  1. My two favorite are my betas and my family. Honest cheerleaders in both groups. And I'm really thankful for them.

    I also like Absolute Write and QueryTracker.

  2. I love #YALITCHAT on Twitter. I love finding writing communities in Blogger. And I love the WriteOnCon peeps because the mission is so great.

  3. True Connie- betas and family are KEY!!!
    Christa- absolutely. I have to remind myself to do YALitchat more often.

  4. Great list. I'm slightly ashamed that I've never been over to Absolute Write. Ever.

  5. Nice list! I've never heard of Write on Con but it sounds great! I'll have to check it out.

  6. OH! I completely forgot Write On Con!!! Dang! Yes, that is definitely a wonderful writer's community!!!

    And you're so lucky to have a great group of writers in real live person!!! What an invaluable group of friends to have - any chance you all will consider moving to Seattle? :)

    Great list! And happy Friday!

  7. AW has been a big part of my writing journey. Must check out the other communities you mentioned!

    Happy weekend! :D

  8. I'm thinking I should have had WriteOn Con on my list too... such an amazing (and free!) resource for writers who can't get to "real" conferences.

  9. Isn't WOC priceless? Especially for those of us who aren't located near where any of the major conferences take place. We're so lucky to have it!

  10. Alicia- how? I'm shocked. It's the best place to read all kinds of industry facts (i.e., gossip).

    Do Kirsten-- It's free and awesome.

    Erin- we're from all over, so if you want in, you can meet us for the next one!

    Thanks Samantha- and AW is amazing, isn't it.

    Absolutely Katy-- and there are even agents there- it's amazing!

    Amie- priceless is the word!


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