Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekend of Awesome: What The Room Taught Me

The Room

I so want to introduce it to everyone in my life now.

I have seen some bad movies before. I have been known to like a few of them, but The Room really delivered on its promise to be the worst film ever made.

WOW. We had a blast watching it at Weekend of Awesome-- it was my first time.

Today I'm going to focus on some things I LEARNED from The Room, specifically about dialog.

1. It is not appropriate to have a character announce when they are leaving a room, every time they leave a room.
"I'm leaving now." Was uttered billions of times. 

2. Don't use several words when one is enough. If someone is your fiancée, it is appropriate to use that term instead of: "Lisa is my future wife." 

3. It is not enough for a character to say that he/she is experiencing an emotion, he/she must also demonstrate what it means to experience that emotion. 
Lisa constantly fails to act in concert with the words she speaks. 
She and her friend smile as they discuss the seriousness of Lisa's affair, apropos of nothing. 

That being said, an overly melodramatic reading of a line is also inappropriate. 

One Room example is Tommy's famous line: "Lisa, you are tearing me APPAAAAAAART!"

4. In real life, among a group of friends, one does not provide lots of references to the relationships between people in casual conversation.

Room example: "Mark is Johnny's best friend."

5. Finally, consistency is key.

Lisa alternately says that Johnny is the most wonderful man in the world, defending him to others, or she is describing him in hateful terms. 

Another stellar example of wildly inconsistent dialog: "I did not hit her! It's not true! It's bullsh*t, I did not hit her! I did NOOOOT! ... Oh, hi Mark!"

Now, I seriously doubt anyone reading this blog could fall prey to this mistakes, but regardless, do check out The Room.

It is super-duper entertaining. 


  1. It's fantastic, isn't it?! Myself and my husband are big fans. All those brilliant lines that go nowhere. Although those sex scenes made me feel a leeetle uncomfortable...

  2. I've never heard of that movie. But I had to laugh--writers can always turn anything into a "writing learning experience" even if it's a negative (what not to do) experience.

  3. Sometimes we need to see stuff like this just for perspective, but I'll take your word and pass. :)

  4. Already added it to my Netflix queue!

  5. LOL--YES!!! The last line is definitely my fave. Quita and I quote this all the time. :)

  6. Hubs was quoting the tearing me apart line when I got home.

    Fun fact: there's a montage of all the hellos that took place in the movie. (

  7. Okay, MUST rent this ASAP! This sounds awesomely bad.

  8. Did you ever watch a Sunday afternoon show, "Science Fiction 3000" where the worst sci/fy movies were viewed by a guy and his two robot friends. They turned off the sound, and improvised their own dialogue.
    Sounds like The Room could stand up to this treatment.

  9. @ Susan, according to Wikipedia, the Mystery Science Theater guys DID do this to The Room.

  10. Christine- you are so right. When the first steamy scene came on, I was like- uh- what kind of movie is this? But then it moved on to the witty dialogue and gripping plot...

    So true Connie.

    Probably wise Carolyn.

    Would love to hear what you think Meredith.

    Pam and Alicia- you guys are cracking me up.

    Tracey- awesomely bad is SO right.

    Susan- I loved MST3K. They were SO good. I distinctly remember one that was a warning film for teenagers about driving recklessly around trains, and one involving Santa that was also VERY weird and funny.

    Oh MY Alicia- we've got to check that out!!!

  11. Ditto to all of the above! All writers should now be required to view The Room in order to do the right things. Good ol' Johnny...don't you wish there was a sequel?

  12. This is the first I've ever heard of this movie, but now I'm curious. Maybe it's a masochistic streak in me or something, but sometimes, I do love a really horrible movie. I guess that would make it "awesomely bad"?

  13. So true Quita!

    Krispy- you said it, awesomely bad!

  14. I think I will skip the actual version and go straight to the MST3K edition!

    I'm leaving the comment box now. (Just in case it wasn't clear.)

  15. I'm one of those who never heard of this movie, so thanks for the heads-up. Sounds like a hoot! And I remember MST3K from way back.

    Had to go look up The Room on Wikipedia and found out it's considered the Citizen Kane of bad movies. Makes you wonder how it got made -- except the lead actor was also the writer and director!

    Great post, Katharine. Glad you enjoyed your weekend of awesome.

  16. LOL! Glad you survived the movie. I don't think I would have fared as well :-)

  17. very wise Carrie.

    Good observation Joanne- gatekeepers can be a good thing, right?

    Yes Samantha, I survived, but just barely!

  18. sounds like this is a must watch for the terribleness of it all! Meanwhile, the illustrations on your banner are amazing!

  19. Thanks Mummazappa- I wish I could take credit for them, they are from the Royal Natural History, available on Open


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