Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: On the Jellicoe Road and Beatle meets Destiny

As I headed out for Weekend of Awesome I packed these two books to read, and I devoured them both. One on the flight down, the other on the return flight.

On the Jellicoe Road or Jellicoe Road as it's called here in the US (I keep asking myself why they shortened the name for our market. It doesn't make any sense to me). 

I've had this in my TBR pile forever. I knew it would be good. I knew I liked the author, because I enjoyed The Piper's Son so much. Still, I couldn't make myself pick it up.  

Isn't it funny how mood can impact what you take from the TBR pile and start reading? 

With Jellicoe, I started it weeks ago, but had trouble getting into it. I started it over and was instantly mesmerized. 

It was SO good that I was weeping at the airport as I tried to finish it. People sat near me, and then not-so-subtly cleared the area as I turned into an ugly-cry mess. 

It is extraordinary and I can't recommend it enough. It's The Sky is Everywhere good, if you get my meaning. 

It's "send this to your best friend for her birthday" level if that helps. 

I loved it. The characters are heartbreaking in the best way. The story is complex but realistic, fascinating and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The love story (there are a few, but I mean the main one) is a doozy. I've been thinking about it for days after. 

I think what sticks with me is how the main character changes and grows before your eyes. This book is beautifully crafted. 

I recommend it.

Beatle meets Destiny was completely different, and utterly charming. A more 'traditional' contemporary love story, with lots of twists, great characters, and a comedy of errors that will keep you hopping. The characters  were fun and funny, and you were rooting for a romance that seemed impossible but you knew would be great. 
I recommend it wholeheartedly. 

Check these Aussie books out! You will not regret it!

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  1. I loved Jellicoe Road. Loved it. I had trouble getting into it too in the beginning, but I'm so glad I stuck it out!

  2. I've had Jellicoe Road on my TBR pile (well, to buy since my library doesn't have it) for ages but I think your review has bumped it up a few steps. I LOLed at the image of people surreptitiously creeping away from you in the airport. 'An ugly-cry mess' is a fantastic phrase for it, I think we all know exactly what that looks like.
    - Sophia.

  3. I loved JELLICOE ROAD so, so much. Along with TSIE, it is my absolute favorite YA, and for many of the same reasons you enjoyed it. I recently told my husband that if we ever have a little boy I want to name him Jonah. He rolled his eyes and told me, "No way. Bury that one deep." :)

    I haven't read BEATLE MEETS DESTINY, but I've yet to be disappointed by an Aussie author, so I'll have to check it out!

  4. I still haven't read Jellicoe Road. It's so hard to decide what to read and when.

  5. Jellicoe Road is my favorite book. So glad to hear you enjoyed it! And yes, it is definitely a gift book! I really want to get my hands on her other books, like Saving Francesca and The Piper's son, but it looks like I'll have to order them. I'll have to check out Beatle Meets Destiny too!

  6. So true Meredith!

    It was a moment Sophia.

    Katy- I love Jonah for a boy's name. Could he have been more swoon-worthy? I loved how subtly she wrote him.

    I know Alicia- my pile is still too high!

    KT- Piper's son was so good!!!! If you liked Jellicoe I bet you'll love it.

  7. I love Jellicoe Road. Despite not like the Fantasy book she wrote, Melina Marchetta is one of my favorite authors!

  8. Oh, I picked Jellicoe Road up at the library, but with exams and whatnot I put it back down even though so many of my friends recommend it -- now including you, Kat!

  9. I loved both of these. I was thinking of giving my copy of JR to my friend who loves to read, and yet I'm afraid. It's that dreaded beginning and I fear that she won't be able to get beyond it to it's greatness and then I'll be disappointed that she wont' like it as much. silly, huh?

    If you like BMD then you should try Jaclyn Moriarty. She has a similar feel to her novels.

  10. Golden Eagle- I've heard similar feedback about her fantasy novel. Interesting!

    Check it out Yahong, when you have the time. It's great.

    Funny, Angie, I've been thinking the SAME thoughts as I ruminate whether or not to send it to my bff. I know she'll read it eventually, so I think i'll take the plunge. And I do like Jaclyn Moriarty. She's excellent!

  11. Wow, now I really want to read Jellicoe Road! Even if I become an "ugly-cry mess" in the airport! Ha. Great post, Kat.

  12. LOVED this book! I got to the point when I started to figure out how everything went together and actually made a chart because I was so excited (and such a dork). I finished it at school during SSR and the kids couldn't figure out why I was sobbing.

  13. Joanne- I think you'd like it, it's beautifully written.

    Carrie- I am so in your nerd herd! I thought about a chart. Seriously! Love that you actually made one!!!

  14. Looks like my to-read tower is going to get taller :-)

  15. hey
    I love On the jellicoe road, and i was just wonder ing what "TSIE" AND "BDM" stands for in the other comments. And also if you have any other recommedations that are like this book, it would be greatly appreciated


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