Friday, June 17, 2011


First- I need to do my final post on the Divergent faction-of-the-week challenge. The final post is for Dauntless. Oh, how I wish I was dauntless, but it is a real stretch for me. I think that's what I so loved about the book, living dauntless vicariously through Tris. What a thrill it was, jumping off of buildings, on and off of trains, scaling large things, and getting tattoos with the main character. 

My reality as a political scientist/mom/author/bug lover... is a little bit different. 

I thought, the only way to be truly Dauntless would be to get a tattoo this week! 

But... I did not. Though I do have an image I would love as a tattoo:
I adore this little bee who serves as the Patron tequila logo. 

Though I would be mortified if I did get this tattoo and people thought it was because I was especially into tequila! I am really, really not, and I have never tried Patron. 

So, I did not live up to Dauntless this week, and I'm okay with that for now.


  1. I think I have the smallest amount of dauntless in me of all the factions and I'm cool with that. :)

    I love the little bee... you should totally go for it! I never would have guesssed it was the Patron symbol.

  2. That bee is adorable and I would never think it was a symbol for tequila.

  3. I love the bee! Maybe a temporary tattoo to try it out? Can you be temporarily dauntless?

    Speaking as someone who would never be mistaken for a tequila freak, I think it might be fun if people thought I had a Patron logo tattoo. Maybe somebody would think I was tough and street-smart for a change...

  4. I'm thinking pretty soon it will be a rebellious statement NOT to be covered with tattoos.

    That bee is cute, though.

  5. My mother wanted to get a tattoo of a snake on her leg; she was 82. We never got around to it, but it would have been a hoot. Love the bee!

  6. Totally Katy- I think it's okay to not be very dauntless. They have a hard life!

    Thanks Alicia- good to know!

    You are cracking me up Carrie- temporarily dauntless! Why not?

    So true Beverly!

    Susan- I love that. I plan to learn piano when I turn 50, maybe I should just plan a tattoo for my 80s. Then I can get it over some unattractive vein or something!

  7. I need, need, NEED to read this book! I swear -it's going to the top of my stack by the end of this week.


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