Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Check out this cool contest: 3K up for grabs

Have you seen the Real Simple Fourth Annual Life Lesson Essay Contest?

My lovely sister-in-law let me know about this last year, though I was too late to enter at the time. I've been watching their website to see the launch of this year's contest and it's finally here.

The prize is a trip to NYC for two and $3000.

Not too shabby.

Here is the Real Simple website with all the details.

Here is this year's theme:
When did you first understand the meaning of love? Maybe you were a child, witnessing a
generous act by your father or mother. Maybe the lesson came later, as you grappled with the
challenges of being a friend, a spouse, or a parent yourself. Whatever made you understand
love—and yourself—better, tell us about it.

Enter Real Simple’s fourth annual Life Lessons Essay Contest and you could:
  • Have your essay published in Real Simple
  • Win round trip tickets for two to New York City, hotel accommodations for 2 nights, tickets to a Broadway play, and a lunch with Real Simple editors.
  • Receive a prize of $3000

and after polishing your essay, enter my contest to win a signed copy of Brendan Halpin's The Half Life of Planets

Sign up at the original post here.


  1. Cool contest! If I can stop being lazy, maybe I'll try and write something for this :)

  2. WOW! Neat contest! Good luck to everyone! :)

  3. Quita and Samantha, doesn't it sound fun? I worked on mine yesterday!


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