Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fives

Divergent faction of the week post is below!

On to the friday fives: what are the five things I can't live without when writing or revising.

1. The internet. Though this is a slippery slope. If you can avoid the call of the FB/Twitter/Blog world, it's a great place to quickly fill in gaps in research. I recently searched "nocturnal desert animals" and thought- boy am I lucky this didn't require a trip to the library!

2. Water. I drink  it all day-- it is my constant companion.

3. My office. I don't need it to be quiet (it never is), but I feel most productive in the enclave of my little home office. It is truly the only place in my house where I can put something down, and find it in the same place the next day.

4. My journal/workbook/plotting book. It's a quick reference at my fingertips for character descriptions,  quirks and plot details.

5. The internet. That's right. It's so important, I'm putting it on here twice. My tendency is to "wing it". But this week I realized that's not enough. I can't do this on my own. A part of that is needing the support of my writer friends, and a part of that is the ease with which we can find info on craft right here on the web. Need a primer on worldbuilding: it's there. Want to tighten up your pacing: it's there, too. That and about a million other things we need to know about improving our craft.


  1. I definitely have a love/hate relationship w/ the Internet. I love it because I can find resources, as well as connect with my lovely writer friends. However, sometimes it can be a HUGE distraction. :)

  2. Ooh, yes, the Internet! It's definitely a slippery slope, but it's such an important source of information. :)

  3. The internet helps me de-stress too when I'm stuck on a scene and I just need to think about something else. "Check you email, hurry . . ." yes it's compulsive, but for some reason it helps.

  4. I agree about the Internet- sometimes it is helpful (especially while I was writing IN LIMBO- I found some great pictures from the early 1920s and it helped me describe scenery better), but sometimes it distracts the mess out of me. Oh, and the office situation- we have one at home and it rarely gets used, this must change.

  5. I'm also agree about the internet...don't know how anyone ever wrote books w/o it, and it's amazing anyone ever finishes their books with it.

  6. I couldn't imagine going back to the days before the internet. THAT would be dystopia for me! ;)

  7. Ah...the internet. Giver of facts, stealer of minutes.

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  9. Great list! I'm so mad that I forgot about water! I drink it all day too! :)

  10. The internet is tricky. I've been trying to limit myself on it this week to get revisions done. So. Hard.

  11. Yeah, ditto everyone else re: the internet. It can be great for researching those random little tidbits that would take hours or days in a library (random personal example: Were there trash cans in Boston Common in the 1870s?) But it can also be SUCH a distraction!

  12. This list is pretty much what mine would look like. Except maybe replace office with laptop (it's my virtual office, where my documents live) and workbook with notes document. Oh and Invincible Summer got here today, yayness! Thanks again, KO.
    - Sophia.

  13. I can't write without my thesaurus. And I don't usually use it to find the exact word...more like a starting place to think "outside the cliche box."

  14. I like that the internet is on your list twice. I think it is great how much info and support there is for writers on the internet.

  15. Yes the internet...technically i had it on my list twice as well. one for fb & twitter and the other for thesaurus. :)

  16. too true Pam

    Yes Emy! a slippery slope

    Angela- using to de-stress, that's a great idea!

    Quita- I left mine unused for a while, but love it so, now.

    Well said Jennifer.

    Funny Carolyn

    Perfectly said, Christine

    Yes for water drinking Raquel!

    It is tough Alicia.

    meredith, you have to let me know: were there?

    YAY Sophia!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!

    Great idea Connie!

    So true Carrie!

    Ashley-- perfect! I have to go check out your list!


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