Friday, May 20, 2011


Several days this week I thought: must LIVE amity... but how?

Part of the definition is friendly and cordial- but I'm southern, so we pretty much do that automatically.

Say hi to the guys in line at the methadone clinic on Main Street: check.
Talk to the other parents are drop off: check.
Make small talk with the neighbor: check.

It's the peaceful part of amity that I found difficult.

It's difficult to be the peacemaker in your own home.

Maybe that's because what causes a lack of peace (chaos?) is when everyone wants their own way.

Let's face it, it's difficult to stop wanting your own way.

I kept up with the reading with the kids this week, but not just at bedtime. When they started fussing around (honestly, because we were all busy working on our own things), I closed the laptop and sat down and read with them. It helped.

I also cleaned the house MUCH more than I normally do, because I wanted to give my husband a sense of peace in our house. (He's the usual cleaner, so he was doubly appreciative).

Finally, you should know that as I type this I can hear one sound: the wailing and growling of our dissatisfied cat Findus.

We should have gotten him neutered months ago. He's an inside cat, so we put it off. We didn't make time for him to go to the vet, which really isn't fair.

He's been wailing all day, every day for weeks, and marking territory inside the house (which makes me crazy). He has an appointment in July for the surgery, through a low cost mobile neutering service (read: $70 versus the $270 our vet wants).

So, yesterday I thought: our house cannot be peaceful with a sexually dissatisfied cat in it! 

Yesterday I got back online. I looked at the SPCA site and found all neutering clinics within 50 miles. I started calling them.

I found him an appointment for TODAY. That's right. TODAY, my 37th BIRTHDAY.

I am the peacemaker. 

I will drive an hour in the morning and an hour at night to get the cat to the clinic and deliver peace to my family. 


  1. I hope the cat does well. I totally agree with you that selflessness is a huge part of living peacefully.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! *Confetti!* *Cup Cakes!!*

    Enjoy the peace tonight. ;)

  3. Happy birthday! We'll celebrate in person in a few weeks.

    For the record, I wouldn't survive Amity. (And I determined last week I wouldn't even touch Abnegation.)

  4. Happy Birthday!

    You know - Woodbridge is home to Amity High. Woodbridge, Orange and Bethany, pool their kids in that school... but I always thought the words Amity and High School didn't belong together. You?

  5. Yay for your cat! And happy birthday!

  6. "our house cannot be peaceful with a sexually dissatisfied cat in it!"

    Best. Line. Ever.

    Also, with you on the being cordial/friendly part coming easy vs. the peaceful/understanding part.


    2. Wow, you seriously rocked it this week! Cleaning and reading to your kids and that amount of work to make your cat/life quieter... well done.

    You are like the Dalai Lama of your house.

  8. Way to OWN amity!! Happy Birthday! The gift of cat neutering keeps on giving...or maybe it doesn't...which is the point, right?

  9. Thanks Connie- he seems to be doing well. Selflessness is a big part of it.

    thanks Holly!

    thanks Alicia! A few weeks! It's going to be great!

    Carolyn-- SO TRUE!

    Thank you Kaitlin!

    Thank you Debra, I appreciate it.

    Thanks so much Sarah!!!

    Jamie- oh so true! the gift that keeps on not giving.

  10. Happy Birthday! Other than the dissatisfied kitty, it sounds like you had a pretty good amity week.

  11. You win the Amity prize of the week!!!

  12. Happy birthday!

    Also "Part of the definition is friendly and cordial- but I'm southern, so we pretty much do that automatically." <- I so should have played the Canadian card. Hats off to you for thinking of it.

  13. It was a good week Lora

    Thanks Lori!

    Yes, Kathleen- it pays to be from a place that's widely acknowledged as friendly

  14. Happy birthday (for yesterday), KO! Hope the rapture doesn't ruin any festivities you have planned for this weekend.
    - Sophia.

  15. First, happy birthday!, divesting your cat of his man-parts has to be the least fun birthday present ever...unless cleaning up the wild testosterone spraying of a still manly feline. Hope it all went well, and you wrapped up with a big cocktail somewhere.

  16. Sophia- we did not let the rapture stop our party! And thank goodness for that!

    Dana- I did wrap it up with a nice cocktail! Thank you, and you're right: it's all relative.

  17. Your poor Kitty, just kidding. I think it is very difficult to get in the peacemaker mind in the house. I took the challenge and ended up trying to be peacekeeper between my son and my hubby... I gave up after five minutes, and then went on to do something else. Amity kicked me in the rear.

  18. funny Marilyn!! Amity is not all banjos and fruit!


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