Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fives

So, this week's topic on Paper Hangover's Friday Fives is: 

FIVE book covers you're currently lusting over. 

I tend to go more on recommendations rather than the cover image. That being said, it took me about 45 seconds to find some books I am currently lusting over. 

#1. Invincible summer. Because, let's face it: we all want what we can't have, and I am never, ever, going to have that bikini body. When my hair was straight I wanted it curly, when it got curly I wanted it straight. 
I try to use this as an Oprah-like life lesson on being happy with what you have. Sometimes with success. 
I hear the book is not necessarily what the cover might make you think... and I'll know soon because I'll be picking it up this WEEKEND from the Barnes and Noble where I ordered it. Then I hope to share it with one of you... so keep tuned. 

# 2. Saltwater Vampires by Kirsty Eagar, because Nomes recommended it, and she has NEVER steered me wrong. Also because this cover is scary. I am fighting off a chill as I type. That's effective marketing.

3. Loser Queen, by Jodi Lynn Anderson because it just cracks me up. I want those little knit bunnies. I want to hold them. I want to squeeze them. I want them to love me back, and I want to know what they're doing here. It's cute, quirky, and kinda funny.

4. Lauren Oliver's Delirum. Honestly, I'd read her next book if the cover was ugly and boring. Thankfully it's this funky fresh graphical stunner of a cover. I love the robin's egg blue color, I love the font, and I am intrigued by the back image shining through. Win. Win. Win. 

5. Ten miles past normal by Frances O'Roark Dowell. 
You say: what an impractical spot for an electric guitar lesson. 
I say: I want to know more about this character, and what makes her tick. 

What covers are you lusting over?

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  1. Oh, I love the Delirium cover too. It's gorgeous. Good choices. :)

  2. Saltwater Vamps IS kind of scary - well more so than most YA paranormal. The cover reminds me soooo much of The Lost Boys and the storyline is kind of similar too, only in Australia of course. I love the cover of Invincible Summer too!! HM claims the girl is the sister now. Suits me. :)

  3. Ooh, great choices--I especially love that vampire one. :)

  4. The vamp one is really cool--so is the Ten Miles Past Normal cover. I want to read that now. Great choices!

  5. Gayle Foreman's Where She Went is also gorgeous!

  6. I like the variety you have with the covers you chose. I've only seen Delirium and Invincible Summer, and I totally agree that Delirium is gorgeous in its simplicity. Loser Queen one is super cute!

  7. You know, I'm kind of over the vampire thing, but I would read this. It look so different from other vampire books. I'd buy it and hope it's spooky.

  8. I had not heard of "Saltwater Vampires", but I read the summary after seeing yoru post, and I'm going to add it to my wish list.

    I just finished "Breathing" by Cheryl Renee Herbsman, and the cover caught my attention before I read the summary. "Wither" by Lauren DeStefano also has an eye-catching cover; the girl is absolutely gorgeous! Of course I can't mention covers without including the "Perfect Chemistry" series!

  9. Thanks Holly, yours too.

    HA Alicia! We need to get one of these crafty writers to make us some.

    Cool Angie-- I loved the Lost Boys back in the day.

    Thanks Pam and Quita-- I loved yours.

    You are so right Christa-- I can't wait to read that, and it's beautiful.

    Thanks Crispy-- I went for a mix. I know- everything about delirium is perfect.

    Funny Tracey, you know I think the only vampire book I've ever read was the Twilight books, so I have some room for more. WIll have to check it out.

    Oh Maria- spot on, I LOVE the perfect chemistry ones, too. Rules of attraction always makes me smile. I've heard great things about SWV-- it's on my list, too.

  10. Oohhhh, Loser Queen is just adorable!! Those are GREAT contemp covers you've spotlighted!

  11. Oh great choices. Delirium was really good. I've been reading a lot on my Kindle but seeing all these covers makes me want to own the books.

  12. thanks yahong!
    carrie I never thought of that aspect of using an e-reader!

  13. love this post.

    LOVE the cover of ten miles past normal. it's one of my faves this year :D (fave covers ~ haven't read it...)

    I have delirium and seriously could not finish it. gave up 100 pages in. am still pretty bummed about it :/ i thought i'd love it...

  14. thanks Nomes-- I hope to get to all of them at some point... but it seems the more books I read the more books I learn about.


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