Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fives: trading places


This is a good one,  because there are many characters I adore, that I wouldn't want to switch places with (I'm thinking the narrator in Rebecca, David Copperfield, or Jane Eyre).

I love reading about their lives, but they weren't exactly fun.

That also knocks out most dystopian and post-apocalyptic books. 

I don't think I could hang. 

I would love to find myself in the middle of a real-life mystery. So, five mystery-solving protags I'd love to switch out with would be:

1. Nancy Drew- she's really the go-to girl for mystery solving. If I could be in her shoes I could answer some of my life-long ND questions (What color is titian hair, really? Bess is dead weight, why is she still around? Is George gay? What's the deal with Ned?)

2. One of the girls in the Goonies, and because I'm no "Andy" I guess that makes me "Steph"? Whatever- I just want to go on an adventure with the Goonies (and spend time with a young Josh Brolin. yowza).

3. Linda from Mary Stewart's Nine Coaches Waiting. A French Chateau, handsome yet troubled European men, and a enormous mystery to solve. Very cool.

4. The HP gang, because who wouldn't want to check out that world? Also- they were really solving a mystery with each book, so I'm down with that.

5. Finally-- Sally Lockhart from Phillip Pullman's Sally Lockhart trilogy. She's a head strong girl who solves mysteries with a ragtag bunch of Victorian-era ruffians in London.
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  1. Excellent list! I was having a hard time thinking of books to dive into that some kind of government faction or creature wouldn't be hunting me. ;) lol

  2. Oooh, nice list! Yes to almost all of these, although I have to admit I haven't read that Phillip Pullman trilogy. I haven't even heard of it. *ducks* But Victorian London and ragtag ruffians? Sign me up!

  3. Oh, I remember reading the Nine Coaches Waiting when I was in high school! Yes, the château and mystery work for me.

    I'm not sure about other characters I'd like to be. They all have such problems, and I like my life calm. But if I had to chose, maybe I'd be Thursday Next in the Jasper Fforde series. You get to be a detective, live in the world of books, and visit the Great Library. Not to mention going to the Plot Devices store and picking up a "head in a bag" plot device. (The first book i the series is The Eyre Affair. My favorite is The Well of Lost Plots.)

  4. Great list. I love that you threw Nancy Drew as number one. I always wondered if George was gay too!

  5. I'm down with the French chateau! New book going on the TBR list. . .
    - Sophia.

  6. What a great list! I loved Nancy Drew and had pretty much all the same questions (really, what IS titian hair???). And Sally Lockhart is just so ahead of her time.

    I would want to be Elizabeth Bennet for a day NOT because she ends up with Darcy -- I am not a Darcy girl, the undeniable awesomeness of Colin Firth and Matthew MacFadyen aside -- but because she always knows what to say. She has the perfect quip for every situation and even though Darcy can be a stuck up prig or a condescending ass (yes, yes, he has his reasons), she deftly puts him in his place. Oh, for the gift of the beautiful put-down. Just once in my life. :)

  7. Nancy Drew is an excellent choice. Did you ever read any of the Trixie Belden books? Those are fun too.

  8. Oh my, Sally Lockhart sounds amazing. I'll have to read those books asap! Thanks for participating this week :)


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