Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a week

Thanks everyone for the support last week. It is truly appreciated.

I wanted to let you know about this fab little blogfest on the horizon!

March 30th, Save the Date for the

When I Actually Write A Book, You Will Be Acknowledged Blogfest

write an acknowledgment blurb for 12 people, with 12 reasons. But not just ANY twelve people:
  • 3 people you know IRL.
  • 3 people you know online.
  • 1 person who has died.
  • 1 person you never met.
  • 1 person you met once.
  • 1 couple (so, 2 people).
  • 1 author.


  1. ooh, cool blogfest ! I am going to be compelled to sign up for it ;)

  2. I love that graphic! I have a friend who nicknamed me Squid because of my all encompassing hugs. The blogfest sounds great--looking forward to reading your entry!


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