Friday, March 4, 2011

Blogfest: Gone but not forgotten

Erinn is hosting the coolest Blogfest ever. Go check it out now!

Gone but not forgotten

Post your top five TV show's no longer on the air.

What do you miss? What shows have you been hankering for long after they left that electric talking box in your living room?

1. Arrested Development. An instant classic. THE BEST cast. The FUNNIEST dialog. PRICELESS cameos. Even down to Ron Howard's narration, I loved EVERYTHING about this show, especially that circular story-telling. As I look at the cast I can't even pick a favorite. I love them all so much. Buster is nearly my top pick, but I really love them all. I could quote this show all day.

I just hope the film version lives up to my extraordinarily high expectations.

2. Lost- but not the stuff that didn't make sense, the other stuff. The first couple of seasons. I could have watched that forever, but the way it fell apart at the end just didn't satisfy me at all.I want someone to remake it now, and make it make sense this time, please.

3. My So Called Life. Oh Claire Danes. How I loved you back in the day. I wanted to be you. Well, at least, I wanted to be you in the sense that I wanted to be near Jordan Catalano. All the time. You were so angsty and fussy in your teenage glory. It was fantastic, and such a nice counterpoint to the 90201 version of life. Real characters, strong teen voices, atypical plots (remember the homeless girl, wasn't it a musician, I'm thinking Juliana Hatfield played her, but I might have dreamed that).
This is the kind of show that I think in current times people would have used media campaigns to keep afloat. Alas, you were before your time My So Called Life. And you paid heavily for it.

4. Ed. I am not even sure I saw all of these, but the ones I saw I liked. I remember trying to find more and hearing it was gone already. A real bummer. I especially loved Michael Ian Black, who I still can't get enough of. There was something about the humor on this show, and also the chemistry of the cast that made it something special.

5. Hey Arnold. This is most like my current fave kid show Phineas and Ferb. I haven't seen it in years, but at the time it just seemed smarter and better than the other shows on the air. I used to watch it with the Tyler kids all the time when babysitting. My entire philosophy for buying gifts is based on their Christmas special (it had to be somewhere around 1996-1998). It was about Arnold's grandad's neighbor, the (as I remember) Vietnamese refugee, and how Arnold drew his name in the building's secret Santa and had to figure out what this guy could possible want for Christmas. It was magical.


  1. I love EVERY show on that list. I could do a blog post on every one.

    Arrested Development was PREFECT.

    Hey Arnold was vastly underrated.

    Ed, how flipping cute was that show.

    Great List. Thanks for joining in on the fun!

  2. I forgot about Ed too!! I loved that show, big time. I've looked out for it on DVD now and then, but have never seen it.

  3. Bahahaha Hey Arnold! My sister and I used to watch that every day. lol

  4. My so called life was a great show. And I too am a fan of Phineas and Ferb!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. RIP, Arrested Development. Gone before its time. I reallllllly hope they get things right with the movie!

  6. Lost was the greatest. They'll never be another show quite like it--though a lot of people have tried.

  7. My So Called Life was great. Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch all of it until it came to DVD.

    How did I not know they were doing a movie for Arrested Development?

  8. My So-Called Life is on my list too!

    And I forgot about Ed! There was something about the understated humor and tone of that sort of reminded me of Northern Exposure...another one I miss.

  9. My So Called Life was a really good show. I remember being so pissed when it was canceled, it was jut getting good! Lost of course RAWKS as well. Good picks here!

  10. Great list! Arrested Development was genius. Why'd they take that one off the air???

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I sometimes quote the most random line from an episode of Hey Arnold where he taught one of his neighbours to read, 'pretty kitty, I want to pet the kitty'. It makes me sound a tad insane (usually I am not actually petting a cat). I'm sure you're glad I shared that.
    - Sophia.

  12. Apart from Hey Arnold and Lost, I've not watched the rest. But they sure sound interesting!

  13. Did you hear they might be doing an Arrested Development movie?! I can't WAIT!!! Great list!!

  14. Hey Arnold? Wow. I didn't get into that one. Now, Doug. That was a good one, but it outlived itself. But My So-Called Life, yes! Jared Leto!!!

    Great list!


  15. Lost was just so addicting. I didn't even watch the first two seasons and then caught up before the third.

  16. @Erinn-great fest. Thanks for doing it.

    @Trisha- it will show up eventually... I hope.

    @Holly. Awesome.

    @Heather- thanks!

    @Meredith. I check it from time to time on IMDB. It seems to be coming along.

    So true Pam. It was wholly different.

    @Alicia- MSCL. The best!

    @Jennifer- great point, and NE was also excellent.

    @Quita- I would kill to know what happened with the MSCL storylines...

    @Nicole- at the time I heard it was because it was so expensive to make. The stars weren't making TONS of moulah, but there was such a large cast. I don't think they had the numbers to support that large a cast (unlike something like Lost which was such a "hit")

    Okay Sophia I'm LOL here. Now I'm going to start randomly saying that.

    Check them out JC

    I know Hannah- can't wait either.

    Marie- I crushed SO HARD on Jared Leto.

    @Kimberly- I came to it late, too. I was living abroad when it first came out and it took me a while to catch up.

    @ Dan- thanks!

  17. What a fun topic! I agree with you about LOST (the non-confusing episodes). I wish SEINFELD and FRIENDS was still out there, but I'll survive on reruns!

  18. I know Julie- Seinfeld and Friends are classics.

  19. Firefly! Earth 2! SeaQuest DSV! (It's possible the latter two sucked, but I loved them as a kid, and they were totally cancelled before their time.)

  20. hey arnold--yes! i loved that football head, man. i SO need to see my so-called life asap. i keep hearing awesome things about it.

  21. Amie- Firefly is in my netflix queue now. SO many of the participants loved it.

    Aleeza- I started showing my kids Hey Arnold this morning and they LOVE it. I didn't realize I could stream it on netflix. Yay!

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  23. You had me at Arrested Development -- HOW DID I FORGET TO PUT THAT ON MY LIST??

    I know what you mean about not being able to pick a fave. So many. Even the secondary ones -- Gene Parmasan? CLASSIC!

    Great list!

  24. LOL Ricki. But you have to shout it, right? Gene Parmesan!!!


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