Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bio Signs and Contests

Three quick things I just HAVE to mention.

First, two of my absolute favorite writing bloggers are having contests that are pushing-against-their-contest-seams with fabulous prizes.

Erinn celebrates Awesomeness with a $25 Amazon Gift Card, a full manuscript critique (she reads my work, and I am telling you, she is excellent), and a pre-order of Where She Went (the sequel to If I Stay by Gayle Forman).  Check it out!

The Blue Lipstick Samurai offers sweet treats, music, bookmarks, a $15 gift card, a query critique from Elana Johnson, a 15 page critique from Claudia Mills, and a surprise from Janet Reid (aka the query shark). This contest is a MUST. It ends TODAY so HURRY!!!

Second, if you are not following Angela Felsted, you are doing yourself a disservice.

She's a musician, poet, and writer. Her poetry is posted frequently-- for me it's a soothing counterpart to the usual posts everyone else (including myself) is writing.

In addition to all of that, Angela is working to construct a dictionary of bio-signs. Just the kind of uber-brainy project that a writing nerd like myself adores (and you will, too).

She catalogs bio-signs for every emotion.

For example, here are some from Fear (taken DIRECTLY from her website):

External signs
27. Flinching
28. Denying it/shaking head
29. Making demands/taking charge
30. Throws back shoulders/ puffs themselves up
31. Hair pulling
32. Fist pounding

Internal signs

13. Every muscle in your body goes stiff.
14. You stutter and trip over your words.
15. You see people’s mouths move but don’t hear them.
16. You jump with every sound or touch.
17. Your stomach sinks.
18. You want to scream.
19. You have the urge to hit something.
20. Your heart pounds in your throat.

She has dozens for each emotion and feeling, and includes (find them on her right-hand side bar):

and MANY more

Read hers, add your own, or simply soak up some inspiration!


  1. Yes, I love Angela's site...very insightful and intriguing. I'll have to hop on over to the other sites you rec'd and will have plenty to do to fill my Saturday. Have a great weekend!

  2. Awesome, awesome links. Thanks!

  3. Awesome link! That's nifty, nifty, nifty. And thanks for the shout out! (:

  4. Wow, those bio-signs are intriguing. It's an interesting way of looking at those emotions.

  5. Great links! Thanks...can't wait to check out the bio-signs.

  6. Great links. Thanks for sharing. I'm a crusader and new follower. :)

  7. thanks for the shout out!!

    You rock1

  8. Yay Tracy- enjoy.

    Thanks Meredith.

    well, thanks for the awesome contest Glenna.

    I like them too, Yahong.

    They are pretty cool, Carrie.

    @Ciara, thanks for dropping in.

    Anytime Erinn!

  9. Nice to meet you, fellow crusader. Thanks for the links.

    I've seen Angela's lists and found them helpful.


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