Thursday, February 24, 2011

Truth and lies

The Pinocchio of beetles... gorgeous original image found here.

So, you may ask yourself, what was the lie from my first Crusade post 

It's #3.

I am never the first person ready to leave the house. Never. Usually my husband and two boys are in the car (or all buckled into the bike trailer) while I'm still inside filling my water bottle, putting on some chapstick, and posting one last blog entry.

I can say Sesame Street in three languages: English, Dutch and German.
Sesamstraße in German
Sesamstraat in Dutch
As you can see, they're not that different. Really just the Straat or the Strasse

And I did fall hard on my bum while at a grown-ups skating birthday party last weekend. I wish I could say it happened while doing something cool like Roller-derby, but it really didn't.

1) I failed my driver’s license exam.

2) I love old black and white movies.
One favorite is Harvey, about a giant invisible rabbit that can only be seen by Jimmy Stewart.
I also love “recent” old movies, especially the crazy stuff that used to be normal, like smoking in hospitals (gasp!) and cell phones the size of shoe boxes.

3) I am known for always being the first person ready to leave the house when it’s time go somewhere. It drives my family crazy!

4) I adore the baobab tree.

5) I am a true and loyal friend.

6) I can say Sesame Street in three languages. I can say blade in one language.

7) I went roller skating Saturday night, slipped, and totally bloviated my fuliguline, if you know what I mean. It still hurts.


  1. OMG, you're like my husband! I get myself, three boys, and two dogs ready, and still he's the last person to get in the car. And even then, he usually forgets his sunglasses. *sigh*

    Sesame Street in three language is a cool skill!

  2. Hey! I just realized you're a fellow crusader! :)

    Just stopping by to say hi!

    PS - love the list for the challenge!

  3. Harvey is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen! :)

  4. Hmmmm...I wouldn't have guessed #3, but I am the SAME way (always last, I mean). And good to know about Sesamstrasse; I'll wow my cousins-in-law with my new knowledge. ;)

  5. Hi crusader. I love this blog. That Pinocchio beetle is just darling.

  6. Lol I am always the last one to leave the house as well, even though I usually start getting ready first. I think there is some kind of ripple in the space-time continuum that only happens to me when I need to get out the door fast. Perfectly logical, yes?

    Love the beetle.

  7. I agree with Carrie - we need to apply some quantum theory to this! :)

  8. Smooth integration! You know, I ought to have guessed #3. There was just that extra oomph of the exclamation mark that sounded off. :P


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