Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stylish Blog Award/Crusader event MASHUP

Just like those crazy kids on Glee, I’ve taken two seemingly unrelated posts, and woven them together seamlessly (or have I?) into one charming and melodious entry.  

Rules for the Stylish Blogger award are
  • List 7 things about yourself   
  • Thank and link back to the persons who gave you the award (Thanks to Glenna, Tanya, and Kate!) 
  • pass the award along

The Crusade assignment is (in less than 300 words), to tell one:
·       secret 
·       lie 
·       interesting quirk 
·       annoying habit 
·       your best character trait, and 
·       your favorite thing in the world
The post must include the words: bloviate, fuliguline, rabbit, and blade

Here we go:

1) I failed my driver’s license exam.

2) I love old black and white movies.
One favorite is Harvey, about a giant invisible rabbit that can only be seen by Jimmy Stewart.
I also love “recent” old movies, especially the crazy stuff that used to be normal, like smoking in hospitals (gasp!) and cell phones the size of shoe boxes.

3) I am known for always being the first person ready to leave the house when it’s time go somewhere. It drives my family crazy!

4) I adore the baobab tree.

5) I am a true and loyal friend.

6) I can say Sesame Street in three languages. I can say blade in one language.

7) I went roller skating Saturday night, slipped, and totally bloviated my fuliguline, if you know what I mean. It still hurts

I would like to pass the award on to my most recent blogger friends, my crusade team. 

Check out their blogs on the left-hand column entitled My Crusade Team
(No pressure, new friends, if you’re not into awards or passing them on, the buck can stop here). 

Your assignment: guess which item is untrue…


  1. Happy Presidents’ Pets Day - the day after Presidents' Day, as I like to call it. See my blog for a good ol' howl.

  2. Very creative! :)

    I'll say the lie is that you're actually normally running late...

  3. Ahhh...very creative with the Glee 'mash-up' theme; love that show!
    Anyway, I think the untruth is you went skating...
    when will you reveal the true answer!!!

  4. I used to always be the first person ready in my family, too, but I got sick of it. So now I'm one of the last and they get to see how it feels to wait. Evil--or evil genius? :)

  5. Haha, very creative! And GREAT use of 'rabbit.' Very cool. (:

  6. I will reveal the incorrect line tomorrow.

    Good guesses.

    Evil genius, definitely, Pam. Mwahahaha.

    Thanks Glenna! Harvey rocks.

  7. Look at your new blog design... looks great!! And, I'd love to do this but I'm under a work deadline so it'll have to be later! I just wanted to say hi!

  8. Great Challenge post!

    My guess is . . . you can't say Sesame Street in three languages.

  9. I'll guess that the bit about roller skating is untrue, mostly because I'm not sure what it means, but it sounds like it hurts--so would be good if it weren't true!

  10. "...totally bloviated my fuliguline" LOL :)

  11. Hello fellow crusader! I am a tad bit late, the whole house has been sick all week. So, I just thought I would pop in and just say Hi! :D

    I second what Jolene said: "...totally bloviated my fuliguline" LOL :)

  12. Nice mashup and congratulations on the award! As for your lie... I am guessing that you're always the last one out of the house, not the first! Cheers!

  13. I love Harvey it's a wonderful movie :)

  14. Would you believe me if I said that was going to be my guess? Lol! It's only because I am always the last one out of the house! And it drives everyone nuts;)


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