Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: Q&A

The Road Trip Wednesday is a blog carnival where writers and readers of YA answer a question, then visit the other YA Highway participants' blogs to see what everyone has written.

This week is a little different. From the Twitter feed on YA Highway I see we're supposed to post a question on our blogs, and visit all the other blogs and answer everyone else's questions.

What strikes me first is: coming up with a question is not as easy as it looks, so thank you RTW leaders. I didn't appreciate your hard work so fully before today. 

With a little help from my son, my question is:

What is your favorite dinosaur and why?

I would be a stegosaur. I get cold easily, and researchers now believe these plates were used to absorb heat from the sun (or alternately cool), regulating the animal's temperature. That sounds dandy to me.

What about you?

Are you the high-flying pterosaur?

A meat-eating T-Rex?

or the gentle herbivore brachiosaurus?

Visit the Highway to see all the other questions!


  1. Thanks to Dino Dan I know all sorts of things about dinosaurs but I can't spell any them. My heart does belong to the T-rex, mostly because his arms are so little. So very little. In like 4 million years the arms would have been gone completely but he was smited by a big ass rock from the sky.

  2. Even though I love T-Rex in Dinosaur Comics, I just rewatched Fantasia and I totally hated the T-Rex who killed the stegosaur. It makes me sad every time-- poor, slow stegosaur getting chomped on. I had to look it up, but I like the triceratops. I think they would be nice?
    - Sophia.

  3. T-rex and his teeny little T-rex arms! (It doesn't hurt that my husband does an absolutely hilarious T-rex impression either). :)

  4. Your own solar panels as a stegosaurus...that does sound handy!

    Still, I lean toward the brachiosaurus...between all those Land Before Time movies and seeing their fossils at the Natural History Museum, the gentle giant has definitely won me over.

  5. I LOVE the theme...and the stegosaurus sculptures; cute!
    I would be a pyterodactl so I could fly and avoid the T-Rex...

  6. This is such a cute question, Kat!

    I think I'd be a Triceratops. Not only are they my daughter's favorite, but I like that they're herbivors and are very distinct and easily recognizable. Plus, they have those crazy horns for protection. :)

  7. I haven't researched dinosaurs for decades, so I don't really know. But I do remember all the words to a song about the triceratops that I learned in elementry school it went "Triceratops has three long horns, a tail in back, and..." Maybe I don't remember all the words. But still, I'll choose to be a triceratops.

  8. omg I love this question!!!

    My favorite has always been Tri-SARAH-tops (hee) but then SCIENCE TOOK IT AWAY.


  9. Ornithomimus! It's fun to say and a manageable size (ostrich-like, or so they say).

    And KO, you've won the signed copy of Across the Universe! I don't have your email because you entered as blogger-no-reply, so send me your info and I'll can mail it to you. :)

  10. I was never big on dinosaurs, even though two of my go-to words are pterodactyl and velociraptor.

    Hubby loved dinosaurs as a kid, so I asked him. His favorite was the triceratops because all of the images he saw as a kid showed "this plucky little herbivore taking on a giant Tyrannosaurus and winning."

  11. Hey fellow Crusader!

    I used to love dinosaurs as a kid! :)

  12. Hey, Crusader buddy, what a fun idea--I would like to be a pterodactyl because they get to fly. Whee!

  13. He he he, I LOVE this question! As a child, I was always terrified of T-Rex, but I think my favorite is the Compy, which is like a tiny, chicken-sized T-Rex. I even have a shirt from Islands of Adventure with Compys all over it!

  14. I'd say I'm the herbivore... although I'd probably die if I actually had to become a vegetarian! But I have a tendency to shrink from the big bad carnivores in real life, so perhaps I'm a very small herbivore. :)

  15. Erinn- what is with Dino Dan? Is he imaginative or creepy and hallucinating?

    I agree Sophia- triceratops is the thinking woman's dino.

    Okay Meredith, you have me laughing about poor trex's arms.

    True jennifer- the land before time make littlefoot a winner.

    tracy- you're in luck. Those stegosauri are for sale. Only 20K

    Definitely katy, Triceratops rock.

    kate- you definitely need to remember the song. My boys would love it.

    perfect, Sarah!
    Totally fun to say, carolyn!

    Alicia, tell your hubby Triceratops is definitely the lead dino in this unscientific poll.

    great marieke- bent u een Nederlander? dat is wel een Nederlandse naam.

    Good one Carol-- the flying would be awesome.

    Cool Abby- is compy the same as compsognathus? Dino dan is always talking about that one, so my boys are really into it.

  16. Ok nobody else hopped on so I will -

    A Thesaurus - Good grief and little chickens I expected that one to be taken - there is even a pic of one on my blog page lol

  17. I heart dinosaurs. In fact, I wore dino shoes all through 2nd grade--despite the fact that all the other kiddos said they were for boys only. Anyway, I have to go with the mighty, meaty T-Rex.

  18. I don't know their names, but I'd want to be a swimming one - like some ancient massive shark thing.

    everytime we see anything about a triceratops my roommate shouts "it's not a REAL dinosaur!" she's very bitter about it.

  19. I'm a brontosaurus girl, I like their long necks. Apparently I'm meant to call it an Apatosaurus these days, but I'm old school.

  20. I wish I knew more about dinosaurs to say. Something that eats plants, I guess, since I'd hate to be chased by one of those meat eaters.

  21. Oooh, awesome question!

    Elasmosaurus without a doubt!! :D They're just so big and cute with their fins and long necks...

  22. No contest - Dino, from The Flintstones!

    No dinosaurs in the White House (well, maybe not), bit it would be remiss of me not to say Happy (belated) Presidents Pets Day - the day after Presidents Day, as I like to call it. In the US, we love our presidents..... pets. See my blog if you’re in the mood for a good ol' irreverent howl.

  23. HI THERE! Fellow crusader making the rounds. You already follow my blog, but I'm glad to come here and see what yours is all about.

    I think I'd be the gentle herbivore!! Although, it'd be mighty fun to be a pterosaur!!

  24. Good one Howlynn.
    Kate- Xylosaurus rocks.
    Yay for dino shoes Rebecca!
    Funny Sarah!

    I know Amie- how can they change it? It's not fair.
    Sounds good Angela.

    Love it Susan. Elasmosaurus is a nice one.

    Sounds good Nick- and I saw your post yesterday and commented on it! I enjoyed it.

    I think the herbivores win, Rane. Thanks for dropping by!


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