Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love Fest: Day Two. Food Jammers, Crusades, and Carbon Neutrality

Before I delve into my love-fest topic of the day, let me spread the word about two great opportunities:

First, Rachael Harrie's Crusade for Platform Building. Pop over to her blog and join in and meet other bloggers who are also trying to build their online platforms. This Crusade will take place over the next three months, and involve some linked posts on topics of interest to writers, readers, and lovers of books.

Second, check out Mach's Grun Carbon Neutrality for your website. When I first saw this I assumed it was a paid program. After reading over their website I am happy to report they will plant a tree to make your blog carbon neutral in exchange for a blog post about their program.

In other words: it's free!

As an environmental policy researcher I am wary  of greenwashing, but after a cursory look into their program this seems legit. I say cursory, because their logic is fine, but I haven't investigated to see if they do precisely what they say they do. I am trusting that they make good on their side of the bargain. On their site they make a strong argument for their conservative calculations. What better way to celebrate love than showing the earth a little?

Now, to my LOVE FEST TOPIC of the DAY!   Food Jammers.

Ooh, Food Jammers. If my friend Izzi hadn't had an appendicitis, I may never have found out about this gem of a show. If you're like me, you DVR the shows you like, and everything else is off the radar. I could write an entire post about the way the DVR has changed the way we learn about new shows, not to mention how we experience commercial media.

But that would be boring.
I'd rather talk about what I love.

Food Jammers tops the list. How can I describe FoodJammers?
It's a combination of food, mechanics, art, and music.
 Here's a fuzzy pic of Micah, Nobu, and Chris.

Three ADORABLE Canadian fellas come up with an idea (growing sprouts, making homemade bagels, pimping out a cake) and then use mechanical systems to realize the plan in their arty loft. They are utterly charming, and good with food and for lack of a better term, building stuff.

So, for example, on Pimp My Cake, they created this hydraulic platform to display a birthday cake (with lights, movement, etc-- exactly like a pimped out car).

In the sprouts episode they created a rotating greenhouse to keep six flats of sprouts in optimal sunlight.

They finish each show with a party or event where there friends come over to eat and enjoy what they've made.

I am not doing it justice. Trust me. Put it in your DVR, give it a whirl, and let me know what you think.

Do you know food jammers? Do you like it? Have a favorite episode? Who is your favorite fella? (Don't force me to pick!)

Can you guess which Food Jammer appeared in my dream last week??-- nothing racy, just as a bit player.


  1. I've never heard of Food Jammers but it sounds awesome. I can't wait to go check it out.

  2. I haven't heard of this show, but it's only a matter of time before Hubby discovers it and I'll end up watching it.

    I really think I should quit TV.

  3. Hey there fellow Crusader! :)

    The Food Jammers sounds cool, I'll have to see what it's all about.


  4. Okay, I'm loving your love fest. You're opening my eyes to new things! :)

  5. I've never heard of Food Jammers... but that Pimp My Cake thing is HILARIOUS!

  6. Great stuff! You're so right about the DVR thing. I sometimes wonder if Mp3 players are doing the same kind of thing to teens and their music.

  7. I'm loving the Crusade; asides from the 11 (so far) new followers, I've found some great Blogs!
    I hear ya on the Greenwashing. My workplace has made some serious environmental adaptations, but with a MAJOR violation, it makes them all fade into the background.

  8. Erinn, definitely check it out.

    Alicia, my husband LOVES FoodJammers. He likes to cook, but it's the mechanical stuff that really gets him.

    EJ: yay for crusading! I am thrilled about it.

    Yay Pam! There's more on the way!

    Erin, it really was. I think on their dry run their hydraulics tossed the cake off their platform. It was funny.

    Totally Jennifer-- it's amazing how our relationship with technology has changed.

    I know Will-- It's very cool. I still haven't made my way through the entire list of blogs. The crusade is going to be amazing.

  9. Hey Katharine, welcome to the Crusade! Lovely to meet you, it's going to be awesome fun!!!




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