Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Fest Day Six: Phineas and Ferb

If you have small children at this moment in time, then you probably know about Phineas and Ferb already.
I am not the first book blogger to write their praises. Erinn has done (as I recall) TWO posts on her love for Ph&F, or maybe that was two posts on her dislike of Max and Ruby... I digress.

If you have children, and you let them watch television, you know that some shows can be incredibly difficult to get through. I can see why these shows appeal to kids, but that doesn't mean I like them. My children love MANY shows that I do not enjoy.

Phineas and Ferb is the kind of show that I would probably watch anyway. It is clever, focusing on creativity and imagination, and is truly funny.

It reminds me of a show I loved to watch when I worked as a nanny/babysitter in college: Hey Arnold.
Does anyone remember that show?
Literally, my whole philosophy for buying Christmas presents is based on a Hey Arnold Christmas special from 1995.
I keep digressing!
Doofenshmirtz is a hilarious character, but he's not the only funny one.

Baljeet and Buford's nerd-bully relationship also includes MANY delectable moments.

And I adore the overwrought and angsty Candace, balanced only by her level-headed BFF Stacey.
Do you Phineas and Ferb? What's your favorite episode? 

Lindana the one-hit wonder?
Getting Love Handle back together?
Carl the intern's turn as an agent?
The Hawaiian vacation?

Discuss in the comments!


  1. I have to say I have never heard of this show (no surprise), but boy do I remember HEY ARNOLD! That show and DOUG were very important to my childhood!! :D

  2. Oh, I remember Hey Arnold!

    You make Phineas and Ferb sound really cool. Wish I still had little kids so I'd have an excuse to watch it!

  3. My favorite episode is the Sci-fi Fantasy convention---Ducky Momo, Kevin Smith and Seth McFarlene, Doof and Puss.
    It's perfection from beginning to end.

    I'm watching Phineas and Ferb right now while I'm commenting on a blog about Phineas and Ferb... how meta

  4. Susan- hooray for Hey Arnold, and Doug, too.
    I know Joanne, a great reason to have kids-- catching one or two kids'
    shows without shame!
    Erinn- totally meta, and the SF/F convention is a great one. Every moment of it rocks out.

  5. OH GOSH! I LOVE P & F! I watch it even when the kids are not around. We constantly call things the (whatever)inator and LOVE LOVE LOVE Perry's growl!

  6. Hubby watched his first Phineas and Ferb on Saturday at his cousin's P&F themed party. He loved it. I still haven't seen it.


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