Sunday, February 6, 2011


From NOW until Valentine's Day I will be posting on things I LOVE.

Personally, I think Valentine's Day is a bit of a ploy.

Okay, I believe it is an utter and absolute scam.

What a made-up reason to make us feel bad about ourselves and our relationships. My disenchantment with the holiday definitely stems from the ego-fest that was Valentine's at my high school.

At my high school, Valentine's was a self-esteem annihilator. The last fifteen minutes of every class was dedicated to an intercom listing of the individuals who needed to pick up their flowers. Can we really afford to give up that valuable learning time? Some people were not called (ahem... like myself). I distinctly remember the not-very-sympathetic-plight (to me at least) of the girls who had so many flowers they couldn't carry them all.

Some people have countless friends, family, and boyfriends to shower them with living tokens of adoration. Some don't.

Can you tell I've totally worked through this?

While I think Valentine's is lame, I do love LOVE.

Pure, giving, magical, and eternal... I love LOVE.

Despite the holiday, I will embrace the sentiment. This week will feature posts of things I adore. Pedestrian, banal, boring... whatever, it's stuff I love.

To get started, let me spread the word about the That's YAmore blogfest from Oasis for YA. Here's the link.Thanks to Katy Upperman for letting me know this was happening.

Starting the Friday before Valentine's Day (that's February 11th), they invite you to post 250 romantic, swoon-worthy words from your YA WIP.  Join in the fun.

So, what was Valentine's day like at your high school? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Yay! Glad you're going to do the blogfest! Should be fun. :)

    Valentine's Day in high school was totally lame for me. I didn't date (high standards? lack of confidence?), but I met the love of my life in college, so things greatly improved then. :)

  2. YES. YES, YES, YES, YES, /YES./

    More people have to understand that love ain't romance, and Valentine's day is romance at its absolute worst, and that just ain't love. Urgh.

    Valentine's day is the ultimate ego-crusher, yes, but I'm determined to turn it into a day to force my confidence to get over its stage fright. I'm just going to smile and deal with it and steal a chocolate bar from someone who simply has too many to carry.

    Yep. Tootally not an underhanded revenge scheme.

  3. I've never really been a fan of Valentine's Day...and I blame middle school. Like most schools, my middle school let you buy roses to send your friends/crushes. Well, I happen to receive one from a boy that wasn't so popular, to put it nicely. EVERYONE made fun of me, and I ended up going home crying. Of course now, I realize I shouldn't have really cared what everyone thought--the gesture was really sweet. And I also realize that my so-called "friends" who made fun of me about the flower didn't receive ANY, so it was all probably a jealousy thing. Now I would kill to receive anothe flower on Valentine's Day. :(

  4. I become more thankful for my high school every time I read a post like this. Gah! V-day was never a popularity contest with flowers and candies for us. In fact, if you got flowers at school, they wouldn't let you have them until *after* the last bell rang.

  5. Amen Katy- thank goodness for college!

    Glenna- I hear you. The real question is: who NEEDS the chocolate?

    Pam- what a story. At least you can look back on it with some insight now.

    Holly- where did you go? Awesome High School of the Future? I want in!


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