Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bernard Pivot Blogfest

First, a BIG thank you to Nicole for hosting this wonderful blog fest.  It is a great idea and such fun.

  1. What is your favorite word?
    1. all onomatopoeia: hiss, buzz, drip, shush, sizzle, slurp, murmur, croak…
  2. What is your least favorite word?
    1.  Any hateful word, or the word booger. Such an ugly word.
  3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
    1. Understanding
  4. What turns you off?
    1. Closed minds
  5. What is your favorite curse word?
    1. Scheiße
  6. What sound or noise do you love?
    1. The quiet only possible when you’re far away from civilization in nature.
  7. What sound or noise do you hate?
    1. Sportscenter barking in the background (sorry, honey).
  8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
    1. Writing
  9. What profession would you not like to do?
    1. I would be terrible at any profession requiring fashion sense.
  10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? 
    1. Do you want to see my bug collection?

Here you can see a photo of Bernard Pivot-- can't you tell this is an inquisitive man!?
Could he look more charming?
Could he have more sparkle or zazz? I think not.

Trivia: Pivot used the Proust questionnaire to ask several questions of visitors to his shows Apostrophes and Bouillon de Culture (though as my source is Wikipedia, I'm not sure he used these questions on both of his shows, I know only that he hosted both).
James Lipton was inspired by the practice and did something similar for his show Inside the Actors Studio. The questionnaire was not developed by Proust, but instead was taken famously by Proust. According to Wikipedia, this kind of questionnaire was typically taken by British people as a kind of personality test.


  1. Oh, hi– fellow crusader and blogfester. Too funny! Do you want to see my bug collection? Love it.

  2. i quite dislike ze word 'blogger' too. what kind of a word is BLOG?
    also, schiebe? um, not sure what that is. and the only thing id get out of a fashion-centered profession would be utter humiliation. bwahaha. and 'do you want to see my bug collection'<--ROFL!
    love the answers!

  3. I'm trying to pronounce your curse word and failing. Hard.

  4. "onomatopoeia" YES!!! I LOVE when I get to teach about it because I get to say it at least 5 times a day. And onomatopoeia never comes up in conversation enough.

  5. Fun answers. Never heard "Scheiße" but that's the kind of curse word I prefer.

    the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  6. Great answers! I'm intrigued by the curse word -- one I've never heard! And your #10 answer was awesome.

    Thanks for including a photo of Pivot and interesting facts about the questionnaire! You rock!!

  7. Thanks for the great comments.
    My curse word of choice is
    pronounced shy-zah: it's German for sh*t. Use it in a sentence today- you won't regret it.

  8. Onomatopoeia is a great word all by itself, and I love all the words it represents too.

    Thanks for the history on the questionnaire...I'd wondered about that a bit this morning but hadn't looked it up.

  9. I love your answer to #10 :) What fun!!

    Slurp. Now that's a fun word :D


  10. I adore onomatopoeia, too... one of my very favorite language things... I used 'plunk' as my favorite sound, but the word is almost as good. Love your God response!

  11. Oh man, I love onomatopoeic words, good call! And Scheiße, I haven't thought about that word since I took German lessons, memories.
    - Sophia.

  12. Hate to break it to you, but you are a writer :D

  13. Good favorite word! I love that one too!

  14. "Do you want to see my bug collection?" WIN, Katharine. :)
    Haven't dropped by in a while (sorry!), so I wanted to say I love your new theme & layout!

  15. Ah... funny. I wonder what God will say, no thanks, come see mine?

    Your neat blog inspired me, and so I'm presenting you with a stylish award. Stop by to pick it up.

  16. cloesd minds! agreed, yet sometimes it's hard for me to be open minded about some things...

  17. Ooh, didn't realize how much I loved the word "sizzle" until I saw it on your blog. I will now find a way to insert it in all of my WIPs. :)

  18. Thanks for following my blog.

    Booger really is an ugly word o_o

    I agree with you on the closed minds. closed-minded film makers, especially the ones that end up in Hollywood, really infuriate me. *coughwhoeverdirectedthetwilightmoviescough*

    Mr. Pivot kinda looks like a Pixar character.

  19. I see I am not the only one with an affinity to foreign curse words! Thank you for dropping by!

  20. i love the quiet of nature as well. and i imagine God has a great insect collection, and all of them alive. btw, my grandmother taught me how to collect insects (in an ameteur sort of way). i can still see the cigar box she kept them in.

  21. Hi fellow crusader. Just stopping by to say hello. I love the bugs theme! You have some pretty cool ones on your site.


  22. Ahaha, bug collection. That was cute. Saw you on the crusade list and came over to introduce myself and follow...turns out we're both on the Pivot blogfest. Ha!

  23. Onomatopoeia is a great word for the bug collector. Wow! Imagine God's bug collection - any bug from anywhere in the evolutionary chain - that's a tailored kind of heaven ;)

  24. Shy-zah eh? I guessed that you might have a polite way of saying what I said!!! It's all in the upbringing, ain't it? lol.

  25. Hahah, I love number funny! and I agree with the word booger; such a gross word!
    thanks for stoping over to visit; it was fun reading your answers as well!

  26. Thanks Samantha- excited about the crusade!

    Love yours too Aleeza.

    Keep trying Alicia- you can do it!

    I know erinn, one of the most fun words.

    True Angela.
    Try it out Arlee.

    Nicole- thanks for dropping by, and especially for hosting such a fun one.

    Thanks Jennifer and Jen.

    Thanks Hart, and isn't it great Sophie?

    Thanks Jolene. I guess I'm okay with that! :0)

    Thanks Alexis, and YaHong- I wanted something crisp.

    Thanks Tanya- it's on my badges page.

    Kristin- true!
    Becky- thanks!
    Pam- that's because your sizzlin!

    Brigitte, I did not notice it, but you are SO RIGHT. He is the prototype of the pixar old man. Awesome.

    Right MZ_ they are the best!

    I LOVE that story Michelle. I just read the Evolution of Calpurnia Tate about a grandad teaching a girl to collect insects. Really cool.

    Thanks Liz, Raquel, and Jessica!

    Totally Elaine, it would be amazing.

    Yeah Dickie- it's all about the home training!

  27. Thanks for visiting my blog, love your favourite word list.

  28. probably wouldn't like the noises in my house either! :)

  29. fellow crusader stopping by to say hello and follow! Nice to meet you.

  30. Thanks Eliza.

    DL- Oh no. I shouldn't be so mean. I am sure the sound of Oprah in the background causes a similar reaction in my husband!

    Hi Margo, thanks for stopping by!

  31. KO ~

    Well, that was certainly a new one on me.

    And SportsCenter: It should be seen and not heard. (And not even seen that often, either.)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  32. #10 is the best answer I've seen on this blogfest!

  33. I love your #10 ... it cracked me up...


  34. I love your answer to #7, hehe. And I, too, would be terrible at anything requiring fashion sense.

    Thanks for reading my blog! :)

  35. Thank you for including his picture! I'd like ot meet him, pink shirt and all!

    I love your #1, 2, 6, and 10. Loved your public service announcement pictures too! I'm a new follower.

  36. Sheisse! (I'm glad you spelled it the old way) I had not thought of looking up Mr. Pivot; he does indeed look like he might have been a charming man. Scheisse! :-)

  37. Scheiße! Love it! New follower/fellow crusader here, just stopping in to say hello. You're in my group. :)

  38. True Stephen -- seen and not heard.

    Thanks Rebecca.

    High praise Holly! I'll take it!

    I appreciate it Michael!

    thanks Shelly, likewise!

    Glad you are enjoying it Margo

    Totally great word, huh Deniz.

    yay- Carolyn! Hooray for the crusade!

  39. But if I say 'booger' to my five year old son, I can make him laugh for hours.
    Thanks for sharing your answers...and your trivia.

  40. Your response to nine and ten are hilarious! Good to meet you. I've seen your blog title around and thought it interesting. Finally got here today, will look around some more.


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