Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another cool contest

Check out this contest, sponsored by KM Walton, MG and YA writer and hostess of the blog Some Things I Think.

She is hosting a contest to beat the winter blues.

Prizes include:
First Runner Up will win a custom made Apocalypsies tote bag filled with seven YA novels.

The Grand Prize is a First Chapter critique by her agent Sarah LaPolla!!!

Thank Goodness for this fab contest. The winter blues are getting overwhelming here in Connecticut.

My kids went to school two days last week, which means work is piling up. I am such a control freak that it's very hard for me. I am trying to be mellow about it, use it as a life lesson, but I can say honestly that I am failing. 

My problems seem mild in comparison to some of the things that have been happening in our dear Middletown.

 A building on Main Street collapsed  on Wednesday under the weight of snow and ice, due to a flat roof. Here you can see that the third floor was destroyed.

Not only is it awful for the businesses inside (a framer and an accountant), but it has set off a week of roof-related fears all over town. One of the saddest parts of this story is that our local children's theater company Oddfellows Playhouse, was storing 36 years worth of costumes and props on the third floor of this building, and have lost everything.

Full coverage is available on the Middletown Eye and Patch.

I been having roof-oriented nightmares. I woke my husband up at 3AM to talk about whether he'd checked our roof.

As you might imagine, he was really thrilled to answer my questions and get my perspective. At. 3. AM.

Our roof is pitched, which means it should not be a problem, but still. It's a little nerve-wracking. Our city is working to clear off school roofs to ensure that the kids are safe. They have also been checking similar buildings on Main Street. The insane part is that we are expecting more snow next week. The current prediction is for sleet and ice on Tuesday, then approximately ten inches on Thursday.

Coming from the swamps of south Georgia, I've never experienced anything like this in my life.

If my books weren't all set in the south, I'd be mining this for writing. Maybe I'll write about it anyway, just in case I set something in New England one day.


  1. Oh no--that's awful! At least nobody was hurt.

  2. Wow, Katharine! That's a shame. No wonder you're having roof-related nightmares. Yikes!

    I didn't realize you were from Georgia. You MUST be overwhelmed with all the snow this winter. Oh yes, write about it! Start a file. I think it was Sid Fleischman who said "nothing is wasted except the paper" but these days it's all on a computer or on the cloud, so I'm not sure how to word that for today's technology.

  3. Oh my! This really provides perspective on how much snow you guys are getting out east. Thank goodness for pitched roofs!

  4. I can't even imagine this much snow... a friend took me to New Hampshire once, and they had to haul me inside after an hour before I froze to death, running around like a little kid on the frozen lake and making snow angels. We just don't get anything like that where I live, it's hard to comprehend.

  5. I know Pam- that would have been horrible.

    Totally Joanne, my two winters in CT have not prepared me for this. I will write it down. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Exactly Jess. I still have roof anxiety, but my husband assures me it's fine.

    I know Amie. They say that about 50 years ago this was more typical around here... but still this is A LOT for Connecticut. It's amazing to me how it can shut down everything.


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