Sunday, January 2, 2011

A year in reading

This post was inspired by My Brain on Books, with her impressive list of 105 books read this year. (PS: That's not even her record! Amazing, huh?)

My record is much less impressive. I read 66 books this year, or at least that is what I can remember. I started keeping track when I started blogging in May, so before that is a little hazy-- but I was reading less in the beginning of the year, so I stand by this number.

66 books makes an average of 5.5 books per month. I read seven of these books before I started blogging (Twilight series, Mountains beyond Mountains, Strength in What Remains, and Eat Pray Love). That means that I  averaged 7.3 books per month from May-December (66-7)/8= 7.3

I am not one for New Year's Resolutions. I'm more the type to make resolutions on a monthly basis. Some that move forward, some that fall flat on their face.

That being said, I will read more than 66 books next year. I'm too competitive with myself not to try. :0) At seven a month I should read 84 next year.

That seems reasonable enough.

All in all, it was a great year of reading. Making the list was like a quick visit with old friends. I couldn't begin to come up with a top ten list, or any sort of ranking based on preference.

There were many I loved, and some I hold dear for reasons other than their text alone: because they made me realize something about human nature, or writing, or myself. Some inspired me to take on writing as a professional pursuit, some made me laugh and some made me cry. Some made me roll my eyes.

Like all reading, they were worthwhile each in their own way: whether they were my favorite or not.

1-4. Twilight Series
5. Ruby in the Smoke
6. Cicada Summer
7. Project Mulberry
8. Hoot
9. Butterfly Revolution
10. Twenties Girl
11. I Capture the Castle
12. Girl with the Pearl Earring
13. Monster
14. Stolen Children
15.  How to Ruin a Summer Vacation
The Tin Princess
17. Bog Child
18. The Highest Tide
19. Uglies
20. Shadow in the North 
21. The Sky is Everywhere
22.  Hunger Games
23. The Collector
24. The Shadow of the Wind
25. Looking for Alaska
26. How to Ruin your Boyfriend’s Reputation
27. Dirty little secrets
28. Forest of Hands and Teeth
29. Catching Fire
30. Shiver
31. Feeling sorry for Celia
32. Bridget Jones’s Diary
33. The DUFF
34. Emerald’s Keeper (BETA)
35. Water Wars (nonfiction)
36. Public Policy Praxis: A case approach for understanding policy and analysis (nonfiction)
37. Paper Towns
38. Perfect Chemistry
39. Lock and Key
40. Stolen
41. How to be Popular
42. Feed
43. Just Listen

44. Notes from a Teenage Underground
45. The Virgin Suicides
46. Crank
47. The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency
48. The Mysterious Benedict Society
49. Dairy Queen
50. Bamboo People
51. A Great and Terrible Beauty
52. Eat, Pray, Love
53. Tomorrow, When the War Began
54. Anna and the French Kiss
55. How I live Now
56. A Game of Thrones
57. Before I Fall
58. And Then Everything Unraveled
59. You Wish
60. The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
61. Can You Keep a Secret
62. Speak
63. Strength in What Remains (nonfiction)
64. Mountains Beyond Mountains (nonfiction)
65. How to Pwn Noobs and Be a Rock Star (BETA)
66. The Tiger in the Well


  1. Is it sad that I got all googly-eyed over your bookshelf pics the way most girls get googly-eyed over shoes? And 66 books in one year is an AWESOME feat. You go! :)

  2. Awe... you counted the beta books. And you counted mine.

    DAMN and I thought I read a lot of books. YOU WIN!

  3. No Pam, not sad-- I did the same thing. Those were shots from the interwebz, I wish they were mine!

    Erinn, I was listing them and then I thought, well, dammit, those are books too! of course I counted them!

  4. Boooooookshelves, nom.

    What a great reading list! There's some in there I'd really like to read, I'm building my list for next year!

  5. I know, Amie, the bookshelves are FUN to check out.


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