Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To verify or not to verify, that is the question

Do you word verify for comments?

I notice a lot of people do it. I'm not totally clueless, I do get the general idea behind the concept: reduce spambots and/or weird and offensive posts.

I can also see why someone like Janet Reid has to do it-- I hope it's not the case, for her sake, but I can imagine she takes a lot a flack for being the QueryShark. I also think she has to monitor all comments because people get angry at her, and (try to) write nasty things on her blog. But for how many of us does that apply?

I think I had them originally, but one of the umpteenth times I switched my template it was turned off. I wanted to see if it really mattered.

And I found I liked it, because I realized for me spam comments aren't a problem. Blogger already captures spam. If you go to the Comments tab, there are two sub-tabs, Published and Spam, and blogger filters it for you.

I check every once in a while to see if anything is in there, and a few creep up... but blogger keeps them off my blog. I can delete them at my leisure.

Maybe it's just because of my RSI I am hoping that more people will decide they don't need it. Don't we all type enough? My wrists scream from over-use as is.

So tell me, have you experimented with word verification on your blog?

What have you found? What works for you and why?

Do you have horror stories from using the blogger spam catcher? Is "blogger spam catcher" a real phrase?


  1. I've only been spammed twice. Once was from china linking to an "adult" website. and once was someone who was trying to promote their blog. I"ve been thinking about taking it off of mine because it does annoy me to type in the verification code.

  2. I've been spammed a couple of times. One was on a Zombie Thursday post which made Mir and I question it. I have to check out the spam catcher on blogger and decide. I will. Eventually...

  3. I get spammed all the time with the most hilarious stuff, but I'm on Wordpress and use an application called Akismet. It sorts things out beautifully. Like you, I check every so often to make sure nobody's trapped in there, as it's happened once or twice, but otherwise, it's perfect. I can't stand word verification thingies, and especially the ones that load up only after you've clicked to post your comment. Grrrr.

  4. Erinn, sounds about like my experience. Just a few in total.

    Alicia, probably just the way zombies write, don't you think? Their messages are always getting confused for spam. I can usually tell it's a zombie if the word "brains" appears in the comment.

    I hear you Amie- I hate when you're trying to verify and totally lose the post. It happens to me a lot. Not sure what that says about me. :0)


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