Sunday, January 9, 2011

Steal this badge

...and join the I Dig Reading Challenge

Throughout the year, donate money to a charity of your choice for each book you read.

How much you give is up to you-- it could be a penny a page, a dollar a book... the choices are truly endless. It doesn't need to be exorbitant, the important part is the idea of consistently giving.

I will be giving $5.00 a book and talking about the challenge throughout the year!

Happy Reading


  1. Great idea! This could get expensive for those book-a-week folks! :)

  2. Super idea! Big applause for tackling a major problem. The smallest donations add up quickly.

  3. This is such a great idea! Count me in!

  4. I'm in. I'm going to set up a page on my website for my list and donations, and I'll blog about it on Friday.

  5. I love this... it COULD get expensive for those of us who devour a book a week, but that's probably a good thing. At church yesterday, we talked about giving when people need it and not only when we have excess. That struck me... I have so much and I could definitely stand to give more. What charity are you giving to?

  6. True EJ, though those folks can opt for a lower price per book. My goal is to read 70 books this year. $350 at once would be a big deal for me, but 30$ a month-- I'm sure that's in my budget. And it probably gets "frittered away" as my mom would say.

    Thanks Kittie- I do think every little bit helps

    Yay Jess and Amie-- THANKS! That's awesome. Can't wait to see how it goes for you two.

    Great point Erin, and the truth is, there are always people who need it. I think I will pick a different group each time. My plan is to write a check every time it builds up to $25-$50.
    My first group (from December) will be the North End Action Team, an organization from my neighborhood.


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