Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday: a character gift

Road Trip Wednesday is a "Blog Carnival," where YA Highway's contributors  post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and participants answer it on their blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get  everybody's unique take on the topic.

This week's topic:  What gift would you give your favorite character?

This is tricky. Like Holly, I would say it's hard to come up with a favorite character. In addition, I like to give really thoughtful and heartfelt gifts, which means this may be too difficult. I mean, I know some characters pretty well, but you have to really know someone to give the perfect gift.

Here I go, anyway, with a few gifts for some old school, classic ladies.

For the second Mrs. deWinter in Rebecca.

As we say in the south: Bless her heart!

She's been picked as the second wife of the dashing Maxim deWinter. He's wealthy, charming, and brooding. She's literally plucked from a life of spinsterhood and servitude, then placed into a pampered life at the glorious estate Manderlay. Yet her happiness is trumped by her self-doubt: her obsession with the first Mrs. deWinter, Rebecca. Rebecca is such the focus of the story that it's titled after her, and we never even learn the first name of the second Mrs. deWinter.  Her lack of confidence gives you a sinking feeling. You're forced to ride along and watch as she makes mistakes and drives a wedge between herself and Maxim. You sit by, useless, as she learns the true secrets of Rebecca, but loses almost everything.

It's such a FAB book (I need to read more Daphne de Maurier*), and a stellar movie (an early one of Hitchcock's, and follows the book to a "t"). Joan Fontain* is the 2nd Mrs. de Winter, with Lawrence Olivier as Maxim-- they are at the height of their youth and beauty, but she portrays the scared, nervous, and fragile Mrs. de Winter flawlessly. I am always shocked that someone that gorgeous can play someone that weak.

Well, I'd give her some freaking confidence! She needs it. She needs to value herself. She needs to know that Maxim is with her for a reason. A good reason. Because she is exactly who she is. Granted, this would remove almost all the drama from the story, but this holiday, let's give her a break.

And for Jane from Jane Eyre

Poor, poor Jane.

I'd give Mr. Rochester a divorce! Damn the way it would look!

It couldn't possibly look worse than keeping your crazy first wife in the tower so she can scare everyone. It couldn't possibly be worse than living a life without the one person who "gets" you. He's such a devil-may-care kind of guy.Would it really bother him that much?
     Of course they end up together eventually, but a lot of heartbreak and destruction takes place along the way. He should shelve his honor this holiday season, and just get the right girl. Before it involves the first wife's suicide, the destruction of his house, and his disfigurement in a fire. Again, it would rip a little of the drama from the story-- but still. Doesn't Jane deserve a nice Christmas?

Check out the ladies at YA Highway to see what they would give this season.  Or check my links on the right to see who has already posted their response.

I love Trivia, so bear with me:
*Daphne de Maurier also wrote The Birds, another Hitchcock classic.
*Joan Fontaine is the sister of Olivia de Haviland-- Melanie from Gone with the Wind. Fontaine was nominated for the Academy Award for this, but did not win. She won later for Suspicion (another Hitchcock movie), which was a much less interesting movie (they changed the ending! Lots of plot holes!)


  1. Picking a favorite character is even harder than picking a favorite book. *Impossible*

    Good choices :)

  2. First off, you won my contest!!! Congrats! Email me at with your choice of giftcard and email address.

    Second, love the post and your choices. I'd have to really think hard to figure out my favorite character - there's far too many, and then to think of what to get them! So glad this is fiction instead of real life. :)

  3. Why why why why haven't I read REBECCA yet? I love Hitchcock and the story sounds amazing. I'm adding it to my TBR right away.

  4. I loved REBECCA, and I had no idea Daphne De Maurier also wrote THE BIRDS...great trivia.

  5. @Holly- you, too!

    @Alicia, too true

    @Angie, Thanks I am thrilled to have won! Hooray-- more books for me.

    @Rebecca. You really DO need to read it. It's dripping with intrigue and suspense.

  6. @Jennifer-- I'm dying to read her book jamaica inn... I haven't read the Birds, but I love the movie.

  7. Confidence for the second Mrs. de Winter is an excellent choice! And I so love that book. :) I have MY COUSIN RACHEL by DuMarier but haven't read it yet.

  8. HAHAHAHA. Awesome list. I love your choices!!! Confidence and a divorce -- priceless answers.

  9. It is really hard to choose a fave character, and I agree we don't know them intimately enough to give great, heartfelt presents...that being said, you did a good job :)Interesting choices, especially the divorce.

  10. So glad that you chose Jane Eyre. That poor lady had it so rough!

  11. i actually considered giving the 2nd mrs. de winter's some confidence too! ha!
    but i loved rudy a bit more, so yeah...
    love your picks! :)

  12. Ooo, ooo, read Frenchman's Creek by Daphne Du Maurier. I loved that one as a teenager. You can blame that book, plus The Ghost and Mrs. Muir classic movie, for my love of sea captains (Captain Jack Sparrow had not entered the scene back then).

  13. The part where Jane leaves always kills me! Such a wonderful book though.

    I really should track Rebecca down. I've been meaning to read it forever!

  14. interesting Abby-- would love to hear what you think of it when you do read it

    Thanks Susan-- isn't that what a lot of women in books need? Confidence and/or a divorce?

    thanks Marquita, I appreciate it.

    Pam-- I know, huh? Poor Jane.

    Awesome Aleeza! I liked your final choice.

    Angelica-- very cool I will add it to the list. And the Ghost and Mrs. Muir-- LOVE it. I'm an old movie fan.

    True Leila-- you would love Rebecca. So worth it.

  15. Oh, I love these gifts! I love this post! And I am completely inspired to read Rebecca, as I admit I never have.

    Merry Christmas -- here's to a great 2011!


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