Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly question and everyone answers it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get each blogger's unique take on the topic.

Today's Topic: If you were made supreme ruler of the publishing world, what would be your first ruling?

I don't have much for this one. I am not planning on being supreme ruler of the publishing world at any point in the future. Actually, I don't plan to be supreme ruler of ANYTHING, ever.

But, given a few seconds to think about it-- I have a few edicts to pass:

  • For agents: No tweeting/blogging about queries in a way that the sender could recognize themselves. I realize many folks think this is okay, but it feels mean-spirited to me. Who among us hasn't been a n00bie at some point. Who hasn't made a bone-headed error and then cringed later when they realized it. I think some people in the publishing world forget what that is like, and use the countless newbies and their bone-headed mistakes as cruel comedy fodder.

  • Companion legislation for writers: Writers MUST alter their work in a constructive way before sending, or re-sending it, and must be a part of a crit group or have beta-readers. IMHO, the mistakes of newbies are forgivable, IF the writer climbs the steep learning curve and does better. Doing the same dumb stuff over and over should merit penalization-- something like being prohibited from querying for 6 months.

  • Move all publication to post-recycled content, or the re-writable books described by Braungart and McDonough. I'm sure it would be easy to convince publishers to reduce their profit margins in favor of the planet. ha ha ha.

Ummm. I guess I kind of like this. I came up with more than I thought I would.
Check out the YA Highway site to see what others have in mind for their time ruling the publishing world.

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Also, please note: I am a jerk.
I was kindly forwarded the Versatile blogger award weeks ago, and totally forgot to respond. It was given by Erica and Christy of you guessed it, Erica and Christy.

Because I can’t think of anything fresh to say, I’ll reference my list of seven things from when I was sent this award in June. Here is the link.


  1. First of all, I love the chipmunk card.

    Good points on this weeks' RTW topic. I have to work on mine. (Like, when the caffeine kicks in.)

  2. I have to admit, Ms. Owens, I'm super impressed by your list. You set me up for a disappointing answer only to -- wham! -- offer a very insightful one.

    And I like your edicts! I would gladly give you publishing world control. I mean, seriously -- why don't we use post-recycled? (Well, duh, $$$, but still...)

    And required constructive effort -- heck yeah.

  3. Yes, excellent edicts! I love the required constructive effort too!

  4. Yes, I like your edicts, especially the green one. Sometimes for-profits need edicts to do the right thing.

  5. For not having much, you sure came up with some good ones! I especially like the one about constructive alterations and crit groups. A must for anyone who takes their writing seriously. Good call!

  6. YES, using recycled paper! What a benevolent ruler you are.

    And writers that don't edit themselves... I just... I don't get it. Azkaban for them.

  7. Alicia- looking forward to seeing yours when you're properly caffeinated.

    Thanks Susan and Jennifer- Woot for recycling! I could argue it saves money in the end... if I had a few notebooks to do the calculations.

    Holly and Katy -- Wouldn't more constructive effort be nice? Those folks make us look bad.

    Sarah- azkaban, 100%

  8. I totally agree about tweets and website about queries. 100%.

  9. Azkaban... bahahahaha!!

    It would be awesome if books were all done green! And yeah, um, if you don't have critters or a few beta readers (who are NOT family and friends), you shouldn't be submitting. Very good edict!

  10. Okay, so I'm ready to vote you President of the publishing world! I'm really not into all the negativity from agents. I understand that they have frustrating jobs, but we are constantly told (by them) that this is professional business, and frankly, there's nothing more unprofessional than venting in public. (Especially in a way that removes anonymity.) But that's just me ... BTW, I also feel the same about writers venting about agents.

    I'm a massive eBook fan, and can't wait until it's a paperless business. I know batteries, etc. can cause problems too, but trees are friends. You know?

    Love the blog!

  11. Could we change the question to: "If you were made supreme ruler of the world, what would be your first ruling?"

  12. I love your response to this question! I agree with every single point.

  13. Oh, yes. I dislike the tweets too. And I'll admit I followed them, and even learned from them, when I was querying. But realizing that one is very very possibly, even likely, about you...feels like butt.

  14. The thought of any agent tweeting about my query scares me to death.

    And I totally agree with your companion legislation for writers! Reminds me of something Einstein once said:

    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

  15. You are SOO on the money with these. :)

  16. @Erinn, thanks! Yours rocked, too.

    @Kate, yay for greenies!

    @Heather, I know-- I think people read about a few "success" stories from total newbies and think: my novel is good enough as is.

    @EJ: thanks, we're totally on the same page (well, e-book page).

    @Nick, as supreme ruler, I say "yes".

    @Kirsten-- thanks!

    @Michelle- totally. Now that I know about them, I am sure somewhere in the twitterverse there has been one about me. ugg.

    @Leila- LOve the Einstein quote.

    @Pam- thanks!

  17. You are indeed a benevolent dictator! I think I could live pretty contentedly under your rule.

  18. You're not a jerk at all! We all get busy. Here's a belated congrats for the award from me!
    :0) christy


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