Friday, November 26, 2010

My Haul is WAAAAAY over budget

I signed on to this interesting contest a few weeks ago, which I heard about from the clever Mrs. DeRaps. The idea is that you blog a list of $500 worth of books you'd love from Chronicle books. They will choose one fortunate winner to take home their list, and one commenter on the blog post will ALSO get the list. 

They're giving away $1000 worth of books. 

Not only is it a generous concept, but it is the cleverest marketing I have heard of in a while. 

At first I thought,
     Oh, cool, $500 worth of books, sign me up.

Then I thought,
     Hey, I shouldn't just pick books randomly, I should find books I'll really like. Which is not difficult.

And almost immediately I realized,
     I want to give books to everyone for Christmas, and I've just browsed so hard I've found the PERFECT thing for EVERYONE in my family.

They so have me in their back pocket now. 

Not only have I selected a list of books for myself, I've also compiled a Santa-worthy list for all the people I love the most. Not to mention that now it's black Friday, and I don't feel compelled to go anywhere for any shopping at all (full disclosure, I am not a usual Black Friday shopper anyway).

In fact, my list has grown SO GARGANTUAN that I felt it was responsible to do the math and tally the price tag. It came to a whopping $1600.

So, ummm.... I guess I got a little over-excited. 

I felt compelled to trim my list a little (those architecture books are not cheap). I also had to take a long, cold, look in the mirror and admit I would be unlikely to teach myself how to make country french, korean, chinese, and indian food all this year. I have to leave something for when I'm fifty and need a hobby, right?

I also found several of the books are currently out of stock, which was a relief, frankly, as that allowed me to cull the herd without any regrets. 

Then I got a nice little email from Chronicle saying that as a "friend" they wanted to offer me a 30% discount on anything I buy before December 5th. Ingeniously the contest ends after that date. So now I think, 
     What are the chances I actually win?


     If I want to get those gifts for my family I should go ahead and buy them now.

So I removed some of those gifts from my list, and organized everything on this handy excel sheet

I had a fun time with this contest-- and somehow, though I know I am shilling for Chronicle books now, I can't explain why I'm so happy about it!

If you want to be a part of the chronicle contest, you have to comment on the original post, that's the one the folks at Chronicle have in their system.  

Though this list is shorter it still includes:
  • a book of stereoscopic Lincoln images (resist, I dare you), 
  • the MoMa play house and family (not ashamed to say that's for me, not my kids. Check it out. It RULZ), 
  • fiction, 
  • plenty of gardening, science, and history, and 
  • a book about the night sky (with cut-outs you shine a flashlight through to see them projected on the ceiling). 

So drink the Kool-Aid: make your own list and let me know about it!


  1. WOW! I didn't know that they had upped their gift! I'm going to have to go and check it out. Thanks for the update!

  2. oh, I didn't mean that-- I mean each person gets $500 worth of books, totaling $1000

  3. Wow there's lots of fun stuff on their site, thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, all the books...

    That way lies madness. I mustn't.

    Maybe just a little.

    Just to look.

    Do excuse me. Won't be long.


  5. What an awesome contest! It scares me to think how quickly I could blow a thousand dollars on books. Must have been such fun making your list!

    I got a box of adorable cards in the mail from your contest today. So excited! Thanks so much! :)

  6. Enjoy Erinn, they don't have a ton of YA fiction, but many other good things.

    So true Amie, enjoy!

    Yay Katy-- that was fast! They're in Portland, so that must be why. Hope you enjoy them!


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